Constructing a Culture of Learning by Empowering Your Team

Free On-Demand Webinar: Constructing a Culture of Learning by Empowering Your Team
Sponsored by Adobe.


Sponsored by Adobe

The notion of a ‘Culture of Learning’ can sound a bit abstract and out of reach when you are struggling to get learners to complete enough compliance training to keep you and your organization out of hot water. But the aspiration to capitalize on the inherent desire in your learners to propel your company ahead of the competition remains in each of us. Navigating the gulf between where you are now and where you want to be, can seem overwhelming.

Why not give yourself a head start by joining Adobe’s Sr. eLearning Evangelist for this investigation into the methods and strategies that can be used to motivate adult learners to engage actively in a culture of learning?

You will learn;

  • Fundamental principles of motivating participation and driving buy in for learning in a corporate setting, both from the perspective of the learners and from the perspective of management.
  • Strategies for creating greater alignment to the strategic goals of the organization and methods to communicate and document the process and the outcomes.
  • Practical steps to take to reach the goal of a growing culture of learning within your organization – one that is both possible given the extreme budgetary and time limitations that we all face, and productive given the need to compete in an ever more disruptive business environment.

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Your Presenter:

Dr. Allen Partridge Senior eLearning evangelist Adobe Systems Dr. Allen Partridge has a 20-year background in eLearning, education, game, and multimedia development. He has researched and reported on authentic educational solutions to audiences around the world over the past decade. Allen is well recognized for his many online video tutorials and eSeminars that are a mainstay of eLearning developers and trainers working to learn how to create effective online educational materials.