NAFE Announces Top Companies for Executive Women

In a recent press release, the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) named its Top 70 Companies and 10 Nonprofits for Executive Women. “While there are still too few women at the top of our nation’s corporations, NAFE is proud to spotlight trailblazing companies that prepare, promote and push women to executive levels,” the release said.


4 Things You Need to Know About Employing Immigrants in the U.S.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes have been hiring immigrants from hundreds of different countries for various types of work for centuries. And right now, immigrants make up about 17% of the entire U.S. labor force, with most immigrants (both documented and undocumented) finding jobs in domestic-related, service-related, construction-related, and farming or agricultural fields.  


Boeing and NSF Program Aims to Increase Diversity, STEM

When comparing the United States to the rest of the world, we often hear that American students continue to lag behind much of the rest of the world—and other advanced, industrial nations in particular—when it comes to the so-called STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math.

How Apprenticeships Close Skills Gaps and Expand Opportunity

Organizations are always on the lookout for innovative training opportunities that can help close the skills gap. One such company is the Dow Chemical Company (Dow), which has successfully run apprenticeship programs across Europe for 40 years and has recently reached an important milestone with its U.S. program.

Employers Increase Educational Requirements for New Hires

At many companies, an associate or bachelor’s degree is increasingly becoming the new high school diploma, according to a new CareerBuilder® survey, with about a third (30 percent) of responding companies saying they are hiring college-educated workers for jobs primarily held by high school grads. And 27 percent of employers say their educational requirements for […]

New Mentoring Projects Developing Tomorrow’s STEM Professionals Today

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals in Philadelphia will be paired up with local youth in mentor relationships as part of the city’s award-winning plan to increase the number of youths engaged in STEM. Philadelphia is one of seven winning cities in the US2020 City Competition, a national competition initiated by the White House […]

Long-Time Trainer Honored for Apprenticeship Development

In his 3-decade career with Bosch Rexroth, Mike Bryan has trained nearly 770 apprentices and continuously demonstrated his support for developing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills among the next generation of workers. His efforts were recently recognized by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC), which presented Bryan with its Trainer of the […]