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Does Your Workplace Need First-Aid Training?

L&D professionals don’t often think of first-aid training as a standard part of workplace safety training or onboarding unless they work in the medical industry or highly hazardous environments. And even then, sometimes first-aid training isn’t always seen as a necessity. But emergencies and injuries happen all the time in the workplace, regardless of whether […]

What’s New in Health and Safety Training 2018?

According to The National Safety Council, work-related injuries and deaths cost society about $142.5 million every year. And while the total number of reported workplace injuries and deaths may be down in recent years, there are still many important things to take note of in the realm of workplace health and safety in 2018.

OSHA: Use Four Basic Steps for Safety Training

Employee training is a key process for new hires in any industry and for any employee. Regardless of a new hire’s experience and education, there are always nuances of a particular job that must be explained to new employees, company policies to be learned, and company culture to ingrain.

3 Goals to Ensure Effective Safety Training

Training is a substantial investment of time and resources. So, naturally, you’ll want to make sure that your training is effective. Here are some goals that should be a top priority with your workplace safety training.

Using Blended Learning in Safety Training

Yesterday’s Advisor presented four distinct approaches that can boost your safety training efforts and keep employees engaged. Today, we focus on one particular method, blended learning, and how it can be an asset to your safety training program.

Safety Training for Teenage Workers Hits the Classroom

Millions of teenagers are employed in the United States, and they are subject to the accompanying workplace hazards. So, in addition to math, social studies, and English, some students in grades 7 through 12 will participate in an interactive teaching module titled Safety Matters. Read on to find out who’s bringing the safety message into […]

Improper Safety Training? It’ll Cost You!

Yesterday’s Advisor discussed real-world case studies to show just how much a lack of safety training can cost employers. Today, we go over three more of those instances—so ensure your training programs are in order!

See Just How Much a Lack of Safety Training Can Cost You

Following safety regulations isn’t just the right thing to do—it keeps employers on the right side of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforcement. And it saves money by avoiding fines, legal fees, and more. OSHA loves to cite a lack of training, and these case studies showcase just how expensive an ineffective (or nonexistent) […]

Boost Your Safety Training with Video-on-Demand

Safety training is of the utmost importance—in many situations, it can literally be a life or death matter. With so much on the line, it’s important to get your message across effectively, and a new video-on-demand library from Safety.BLR.com® is a powerful classroom tool.