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Build Your Cutting-Edge Talent Development Program

By Sandy Pennington Excellent training programs are pivotal in securing a company’s future. Would you consider your organization’s talent development initiatives to be cutting-edge? To help you begin building the best program possible, here are some tips from Sandy Pennington, chief people and process officer for Clinicient.

Train for Internal Investigations, Avoid Compliance Issues

It’s tough to train for all HR contingencies—the feds are always keeping an eye out for administrative, civil, and criminal infractions. But attorney Christine D. Mehfoud says an organization need not worry so long as its compliance program is supported by thorough internal investigations. Are you training appropriately?

Train Managers to Communicate with Millennials

Like previous generations, Millennials enter the workforce with different assumptions from the generation before them, says Laura Brown, PhD, a communications and writing consultant. However, the “degree of differentiation is larger [now] than in previous generational shifts,” due in large part to technology and the Internet. For example, while previous generations were accustomed to writing […]

Train Managers to Follow These 8 Tips to Promote Employee Engagement

When a top performer leaves to go elsewhere and your organization is left with a huge void, says management expert Jeff Cortes, it can negatively affect the performance of the whole organization. Turnover is also very costly, adds Cortes, author of the book No-Nonsense Retention … Painless Strategies to Retain Your Best People. Depending on […]

Train Leaders to Maximize Their Resources

Now that you’ve convinced top management that leadership training is worthwhile for your managers, supervisors, and high performers, you need the right content for training. The first skill great leaders learn, for example, is how to manage all the resources at their disposal, including personal, human, technical, informational, and perhaps most important, time. In this […]

Whole-Person Management Training

[To briefly recap yesterday’s issue: Dr. Martin advises managers to learn how to see employees as whole people by seeing their input and not just their output, and by acknowledging that everyone is multidimensional. Today, he offers more ways to manage the whole employee.] Look at the Big Picture, Not Just the Day-To-Day Details The […]

Train Your Employees in Business Ethics

Here’s a useful training exercise you can use to get your ethics training off to an interactive start. The objective of the exercise is to examine key issues involved in business ethics. Ask trainees to complete the worksheet below. Then use the answers provided in the “Guidance” section to discuss the results as a group […]

Train Your Managers to Be Winning Coaches

To recap the coaching training exercise: This exercise is intended for all supervisors. Its objective is to review basic information about coaching. Instruct trainees to complete the work sheet below. Then discuss the results as a group and answer any questions. 1. Briefly define “coaching.” __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 2. Identify three purposes of coaching. __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ […]

Technology’s Effect on Corporate Training

The training question is: “How is technology changing corporate training, and what do trainers need to keep in mind in light of that?” Here is how an expert responded: The primary way that technology is changing training is that “it’s disaggregating content,” says Karl Kapp (www.karlkapp.com), Assistant Director of Bloomsburg University’s Institute for Interactive Technologies, […]