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‘But I Didn’t Know It Was Harassment’ (Training Needed)

Sexual harassment has been all over the headlines in recent months. The Harvey Weinstein scandal demonstrated that abuses by powerful men against vulnerable and until-now-voiceless employees, colleagues, and acquaintances are not a thing of the past. In the aftermath of the Weinstein revelations, accusations have come out against a large number of politicians, celebrities, sports […]

Boosting Participation in Online Learning

Online courses can be a great tool for employers. Not only can they accommodate far more employees than traditional, in-person courses that are limited by the size of the room; they also facilitate the ability to include employees from around the country or around the world.

8 Simple Steps Toward Resolving Workplace Conflict

In yesterday’s Advisor, we reviewed the popular training topic of conflict resolution. Today we revisit our 8-step guide for leaders looking to effectively resolve everyday conflicts between their team members.

Begging for Lawsuits: 7 Stupid Things Supervisors Say

Supervisors and managers with the best of intentions say the worst possible things. Some are said out of concern and some out of a desire to “act like a manager.” But they’re all dangerous. Here’s a rogues’ gallery of 7 of the most troublesome.

Turn the Cultural Tide on Asking for Help

Yesterday’s Advisor presented an article by learning and development industry veteran Jo Eismont on how to ensure your organization’s culture makes it OK for employees to ask for help. Today we’ll go over more from Eismont on this important part of the learning process.

Asking for Help Is OK—But Does Your Culture Reflect That?

Learning is a process, and it should be OK to ask for help—but many in the workplace are reluctant to do so. Today’s Daily Advisor has tips on adjusting the cultural aspects of asking for help in an article by Jo Eismont, a social media and Web editor with years of experience in the learning […]

Bringing HR into the 21st Century

By Morag Barrett Some of HR’s policies and practices (including training) seem a little dated by today’s standards. Today guest columnist Morag Barrett makes the case for why HR must be brought into the 21st century.

Training Supervisors to Target FMLA Fraud and Abuse

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be complicated, and so can getting your supervisors on the same page when it comes to administering FMLA leave. Proper training can not only get your staff on the same page but it can also help them target potential abuse of FMLA.

Do Your Employees Live for the Weekday?

Employee engagement is a hot topic, and disengagement costs a company more than just money. Despite all of the discussion and strategy surrounding the topic, engagement continues to be difficult to achieve. Clint Swindall, president and CEO of Verbalocity, Inc., has some tips for helping you inspire your employees to live for the weekday.