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Worldwide Google Walkout

Allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace have gained increasing attention since the recent #MeToo movement. But even before the recent uptick in focus on such allegations, these issues have posed many challenges for employers and HR professionals.

Applicants with Disabilities—What are Their Prospects at Your Organization?

Individuals with physical and mental disabilities are often overlooked when it comes to hiring. Even though there are federal and state laws in place to protect people with disabilities, it can be challenging for these individuals to find employment, even in the absence of overt discrimination, due to a number of factors. Recent historical trends […]

‘But I Didn’t Know It Was Harassment’ (Training Needed)

Sexual harassment has been all over the headlines in recent months. The Harvey Weinstein scandal demonstrated that abuses by powerful men against vulnerable and until-now-voiceless employees, colleagues, and acquaintances are not a thing of the past. In the aftermath of the Weinstein revelations, accusations have come out against a large number of politicians, celebrities, sports […]

Include Autism in Your Diversity Training

This interview first appeared on HR.BLR.com and was conducted by BLR editor Elaine Quayle. Q: What are some best practices to help workers with autism learn job-related tasks and assimilate into the workplace? A: Give them a little extra time to get used to their new routine and environment and give them a lot of […]

Do You Include Autism in Your Diversity Training?

Patty Pacelli, author of the book, Six Word Lessons for Autism Friendly Workplaces, gives us her expert insight into the employer benefits from becoming an autism-friendly workplace. Her book addresses issues including disability laws, reasonable accommodations, unwritten social expectations, and the best and worst jobs for people on the autism spectrum. Pacelli says that with […]