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4 Mentorship Program Ideas for the New Year

According to recent research, 83% of workers participating in a mentoring program admitted that their experiences positively influenced their desire to stay at their organizations. And, luckily, there are many types of mentor-mentee relationships that your organization can help promote via various types of mentorship programs.


Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: What’s the Difference?

We’ve talked a lot about the profound impacts a mentor can have on an employee’s learning and development. Effective mentors can provide their protégés with valuable insights into their experiences in the industry as well as the organization and can help guide them on the path to career advancement. But we haven’t talked a great […]

How to Avoid Giving Bad Advice as a Mentor

Your success as a mentor is tied to the success of your mentees. And while you certainly won’t offer your mentees bad advice on purpose, you might unknowingly do so. (See yesterday’s post with advice for mentees who get bad advice.)

How Do Your Training Stats Compare with Our Annual Survey?

Thanks to all 1,052 participants in the 2014 Training and Development Survey! Here are the highlights: New hire orientation is the most commonly offered training topic, followed by sexual harassment and emergency procedures. HR conducts the training at 78 percent of respondents’ businesses. In the coming years, 86 percent expect to use more online training. […]