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Workplace Culture Predictions for 2030

At the start of a new year, it’s common to make predictions about trends for the coming months. Predictions are based on emerging trends, sociopolitical and market factors, etc. Given that a new year isn’t usually that different from the previous year, these are often safe predictions.

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Mental Health Issues More Prevalent Among Gen Z

America’s workforce is increasingly diverse along a number of axes. Companies are leveraging this diversity by putting more and more emphasis on diversity and inclusion initiatives to help boost their bottom lines. But, companies that strive to promote diversity in their workforces need to be aware of the specific needs and expectations of the groups contributing […]


How Diversity Training Impacts White Employees

The United States is an increasingly multicultural and multiracial society—and so is its consumer market. At the same time, American companies are increasingly taking a global approach to thinking about where to sell their products. This means that companies need to think hard about how to appeal to—and not offend—diverse groups. High-profile stories about racially […]