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5 Questions Recruiters Should Never Ask

Many companies have outsourced some of their HR functions by hiring professional recruiters to identify and screen potential new hires. These recruiters can be valuable assets, as they specialize in this area of Human Resources, but they can also be a liability, as they are the first impression potential hires get of your company, and […]


4 Types of Hands-On Training Your Employees Need in 2019

Online e-learning and mobile learning are still gaining popularity in the workplace, but it’s important to note that workplace learners still prefer hands-on training and on-the-job training opportunities—even more than digital learning experiences. And research continues to show that blended learning is still critical to the modern-day workplace.      


Effectively Offering Financial Incentives to Employees

Since the early 2000s, seminal studies have revealed that employees aren’t actually motivated by compensation and financial incentives alone, although they both help some. But still, most Human Resources managers and learning and development professionals believe that to retain employees and keep them engaged, they must pay them more or offer them more ways to […]

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Training Managers to Identify Mental Health Concerns in the Workplace

Being able to accurately identify employees who suffer from a mental health illness should be a sincere concern for managers and supervisors inside the workplace, especially because one in every five Americans—44.7 million Americans—currently lives with a mental health illness.


Building Bridges: Must-Have Strategic Partnerships in L&D

According to one resource, 95% of learning and development (L&D) professionals rate business acumen as an important competency for successful training managers—and for a very good reason. L&D departments are quickly becoming the epicenters for all strategic partnerships for organizations across industries and will be the most innovative department within most organizations over the course […]

How Small Businesses Can Recruit Top Talent

Even though small businesses make up 99.9% of all businesses in the United States, they only employ 47.8% of all U.S. employees. And sometimes they can’t land top talent when competing against larger enterprises that have more resources and much larger recruiting budgets. If you’re a small business owner looking for top talent in your […]

What Is a CLO and Does Your Organization Need One?

A CLO is a Chief Learning Officer and is often referred to as a Training Director, Head of Learning and Development, or something similar. Over 90% of CLOs have 10 years or more of corporate experience. They’re predominantly found in larger organizations, and also in the following industries: