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DuoLingo Uses AI and Gamification to Boost Language Skills

In a previous post, we made the case for encouraging employees to learn a second or third language. There are benefits to both individual employees and the organization driven by increasingly interconnected global markets, as well as a diverse population within the United States itself.


How to Incorporate Gamification into Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding is both a necessary and an important part of the employee recruitment and development process. New hires need to not only fill in any potential gaps in their industry experience but also learn the specific expectations, policies, and practices of their new company.


L&D Terminology 101: 8 Basic Sales Training Terms for Beginners

The makeup of a Learning & Development (L&D) program varies from organization to organization, but generally, these teams have at least one or two people who are experts/specialists in learning theory. Best case scenario, they have already invested in a modern learning platform that you can leverage.

E-Learning 101–Basic Things Professionals Need to Know (Part 1)

E-learning has grown over 900% in the past 16 years due to advances in technology and has increased the revenue of over 42% of the organizations that have adopted it.1 There’s no question that organizations are adopting e-learning practices, methods, and technology in droves and that they’re reaping real benefits from it. But do they […]

Mobile Learning Trends for a Mobile Workforce

According to Gartner, the mobile workforce is anticipated to double or triple in size by 2018, as workers begin to rely more and more on their mobile devices. Consequently, the mobile learning industry was expected to grow in worth from $5.3 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion in 2017.1 Here are some mobile learning trends you’ll […]

How to Boost Workplace Performance with Gamification

Gamification has become a popular way to help boost employee productivity. Despite the name, gamification doesn’t mean putting fun ahead of work. Rather, gamification refers to the practice of using incentives, points, rewards, and other game concepts to incentivize and motivate employees.


Up Your Productivity with Gamification

According to a 2015 Gallup poll, only 31.5% of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs—less than one-half. The good news is, gamification has gone mainstream, and the trend is moving upward as Millennials are becoming a more dominant force in the workplace. In 2030, they will count for 75% of the workforce.


The Kinesthetic Learner: Something New

A kinesthetic learner needs to be actively doing other activities while learning. These learners require physical activity to learn. Their bodies do not make the connection that sedentary activities, including listening to lectures.