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Letting Employees Own Their Processes

Most people who have managed employees have at one time or another been frustrated with the performance of a staff member. He or she just simply doesn’t seem to “get it.” The person isn’t performing the work the way you think he or she should, and despite all of the sit-downs, performance reviews, additional training, […]


Do You Measure Your Onboarding Results?

Onboarding is key to any HR unit. It’s a critical time in an employee’s early development and sets the stage for the rest of his or her time with your organization. Just as with meeting a new person, first impressions matter.


How to Empower Your L&D Staff to Do More This Year

The workplace learning and development (L&D) market has grown around $50 billion in the past few years and will continue to expand in 2019 and beyond as more and more organizations invest in workplace learning and employee development.


When Hiring Temporary Employees Is Beneficial

Hiring temporary employees is a growing trend and not just around the holiday season. In 2018, 51% of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder were planning to hire temporary employees, compared to 44% that were seeking full-time talent.


Effectively Offering Financial Incentives to Employees

Since the early 2000s, seminal studies have revealed that employees aren’t actually motivated by compensation and financial incentives alone, although they both help some. But still, most Human Resources managers and learning and development professionals believe that to retain employees and keep them engaged, they must pay them more or offer them more ways to […]


Yes, Your Employees Should Be Training Each Other

Training employees can eat up a lot of resources—time and money. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. One tactic many companies use to great effect is to leverage existing employees to teach their colleagues, whether those colleagues are new to the organization or have been around a while but could benefit from some […]


7 Common Mistakes in Leadership Development Training

It’s no secret that Millennials recently surpassed Generation X to become the single largest cohort in the American Workforce. Which means that younger adults will be continuing to move into positions of leadership and management.