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New App Helps Improve Employee Sleep

The sleep-deprived business professional is a bit of a cliché in modern culture. We often expect to see businesspeople and other professionals spending long hours and late nights to earn their success. And regardless of why the employee may be sleep deprived, from a company perspective, why does it matter how much sleep the employee […]


Employees Care About Culture Fit Just Like Employers

A good “fit” has long been an important consideration for employers when evaluating job applicants. Even an employee with stellar work and academic credentials may not be a great hire if he or she doesn’t seem to have the personality and values that mesh with the organization’s culture.


The Problem When Incentives Aren’t Aligned

Often, companies observe that they have difficulty driving new initiatives or long-standing company objectives, missions, or cultures. It seems like the company is going in one direction and the employees—or at least a subset of the employees—are going in another direction or, perhaps, standing still. Frequently, the issue isn’t one of willful disobedience but rather […]


Why It’s Important to Have a Cloud-Based LMS

Conducting business via the cloud will be the norm, even for laggards, in 2019. And if you haven’t migrated your L&D department, its operations, and its learning management system (LMS) to the cloud by now, you’ll be missing out on a lot this year, and your competition will outpace you.


How to Help Managers Deal with Stress

In a previous post, we discussed recent survey findings, which showed that one in three managers are unable to handle high-stress, high-stakes situations in the workplace. The result of this inability can be poor team performance, which can be manifested in a number of ways.


How to Ensure the Use of Meeting Minutes

In two previous posts, we discussed why it’s important to use meeting minutes to document what occurs in your meetings, and we discussed the minimum elements that should be incorporated in meeting minutes to achieve the key objectives of the meeting.