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Should We Have Worker Representation on Boards?

It’s long been a perception in some circles that the corporate fat cats don’t have the best interests of the working man (or woman) in mind. But, what if that group of fat cats included those workers? That is, in essence, what Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been proposing.


3 Ways Senior Leaders Can Inadvertently Create Toxic Workplaces

It’s undeniable that business leaders—whether the CEO, leaders of business units, or department heads—have a large influence on the environment of the workplace they run. The leader sets the expectations, sets the tone, and sets an example for how employees throughout the organization or department should behave and what qualities the company looks for in […]

How Diverse Is Your Workplace? Your Employees Know

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly being viewed with a sense of importance by businesses, and the reasons are not purely altruistic. They are practical and focused on the bottom line. In a previous post, we discussed how diversity and inclusion can contribute to the bottom line by helping organizations understand and connect with the increasingly […]