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Should We Have Worker Representation on Boards?

It’s long been a perception in some circles that the corporate fat cats don’t have the best interests of the working man (or woman) in mind. But, what if that group of fat cats included those workers? That is, in essence, what Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has been proposing.


Leveraging Paid Volunteer Opportunities for Gen Z and Millennials

As Generation Z (those generally born between 1995 and 2010) begin to enter the workplace, they’ll truly shine when they’re offered opportunities to give back to their communities and causes they care about. And Millennials also excel at work when they’re offered opportunities to give back and help others.


How to Provide Employees with a Satisfying Work Experience

In a previous post, we discussed that when companies value and actively cultivate high employee morale, they tend to outperform their competition by 20%. Today, we’ll offer several tips and strategies on how to improve employee morale in your organization by first getting to know your employees better.


3 Ways Senior Leaders Can Inadvertently Create Toxic Workplaces

It’s undeniable that business leaders—whether the CEO, leaders of business units, or department heads—have a large influence on the environment of the workplace they run. The leader sets the expectations, sets the tone, and sets an example for how employees throughout the organization or department should behave and what qualities the company looks for in […]


Why Employees Leave in the First 90 Days

Finding the right employee can be extremely difficult, particularly in an economy with a historically low unemployment rate, when potential employees can often pick and choose between a number of labor-starved employers. Not only is it difficult—it’s expensive.


Business Continuity Planning: Training Staff on Your Mitigation Plan

Business continuity planning is an important part of strategic planning and long-term risk mitigation. Continuity planning focuses on those risks that may be relatively unlikely to manifest themselves but will have catastrophic, potentially company-ending impacts if they do occur.


Should Your Company Encourage Off-Duty Safety?

Many companies institute various policies to promote employee safety. Some of these are for legal or regulatory reasons. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many rules and regulations companies must follow to avoid fines and other penalties.