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4 Steps to Take When Outlining Your Training Priorities

Research indicates that ineffective training strategies can cost organizations up to $13.5 million per year per 1,000 employees. What’s more, research also shows that employees want more training opportunities from their employers and that workplace training keeps employees engaged and more productive at work while also retaining them for longer periods of time.


3 Downsides to Using Newer Technology for Training

According to a recent 2018 Training Industry Report, businesses spent less on training technology in 2018 overall than they did in 2017. Yet, many businesses did spend more on their training payroll, and around 64% of training leaders surveyed agreed that they needed to purchase new training products and services.


When Hiring Temporary Employees Is Beneficial

Hiring temporary employees is a growing trend and not just around the holiday season. In 2018, 51% of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder were planning to hire temporary employees, compared to 44% that were seeking full-time talent.