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5 Best Practices for Training the World’s Future Leaders

Generation Z (those born roughly between 1995 and 2015) and Millennials (those born roughly between 1981 and 1994) are set to become the world’s future leaders … and, soon. As you train them, keep this in mind, as well as the five best practices for training them that are mentioned below.


Are Remote Workers Costing You Your Business?

As businesses continue to adapt to and change with the times, one working arrangement is standing out among workers and employers: remote work. This popular way to work has many benefits for both parties involved, but it also comes with risks.


Key Takeaways About L&D from a New CGS Report

According to the recent CGS (Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.) 2019 Employee Workplace Trends Learning & Development Report, Learning and Development (L&D) is becoming more critical than ever before—for both employers and employees.


Facebook’s Endorsement of Proposed AI Regulation Causes Skepticism

New technologies and innovations have revolutionized society since prehistoric times, from the wheel and writing to gunpowder, the printing press, human flight, etc.—the list goes on and on. But that technologically driven societal change does not happen in a vacuum, especially in modern times.


Should All Employees Be Required to Have Coding Skills?

With recent advances in technology, it’s becoming apparent that coding skills are in high demand across every industry and sector worldwide. And many experts are dubbing coding languages the “language[s] of our modern world,” as coding schools and online learning platforms continue to pop up everywhere.


A Simple Trick to Make You Feel Better About Your To-Do List

We all know what it’s like to have our to-do lists pile up with obligations and how overwhelming that feeling can be. This holds true for both our personal and professional lives, and the advice in this post can be applied to either, although we’re really focused on the workplace.