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The Benefits of Working with Labor Unions as an HR Professional

Yesterday’s post highlighted some of the common challenges and concerns HR professionals face when working with labor unions. Today’s post covers some of the benefits you might experience as an HR professional when working with labor unions, as well as some best practices you’ll want to keep in mind.


Why It’s Crucial to Have an Agenda for Your Meetings

We’ve probably all had the experience of seeing a meeting invitation on our work calendars with a vague title and no additional information. We’re left wondering what the meeting is about and what it has to do with us. As a meeting organizer, adding a few bullet points to meeting invitations to set an agenda […]


Best Practices for Creating an EAP

Did you know that nearly 80% of employers offer employee assistance programs (EAPs) now? And as even more employers begin to adopt them, it’s becoming even more critical that your EAP is effective and yields real-world results so that you can continue to attract and retain top talent. Keep reading to learn more about EAPs […]