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Best Practices in Daily Time Tracking

In previous posts, we discussed the benefits of implementing a daily time tracking system for individual employees as well as the related benefits for the managers of those employees. But, just understanding the benefits of such a system isn’t the same as knowing how to realize those benefits.


3 Downsides to Using Newer Technology for Training

According to a recent 2018 Training Industry Report, businesses spent less on training technology in 2018 overall than they did in 2017. Yet, many businesses did spend more on their training payroll, and around 64% of training leaders surveyed agreed that they needed to purchase new training products and services.


The Benefits of Working with Labor Unions as an HR Professional

Yesterday’s post highlighted some of the common challenges and concerns HR professionals face when working with labor unions. Today’s post covers some of the benefits you might experience as an HR professional when working with labor unions, as well as some best practices you’ll want to keep in mind.


Why It’s Crucial to Have an Agenda for Your Meetings

We’ve probably all had the experience of seeing a meeting invitation on our work calendars with a vague title and no additional information. We’re left wondering what the meeting is about and what it has to do with us. As a meeting organizer, adding a few bullet points to meeting invitations to set an agenda […]