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FREE WEBINAR | The Art of Story Telling

The Psychology of Learning and How to Incorporate Memorable Vignettes into Training Content When it comes to corporate training, effective story telling can be the most powerful tool for making your training stick by keeping your employees engaged and making the message resonate. If you want to see maximum value from your training initiatives, apply the […]

FREE WEBINAR: The High ROI of Soft Skills Training

An assistant professor of economics at MIT Sloan found that soft skills training returned roughly 250 percent on investment within eight months of its conclusion. Boosts in worker productivity accounted for much of this gain, but the training also led to the enhanced ability to perform complex tasks more quickly, short-term improvements in attendance, and increased retention […]

8 Steps for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

It’s important to realize that conflict is inevitable. People have different personalities, points of view, ideas, and needs. Whenever and wherever people work closely together, there is going to be occasional disagreements. The good news?  All conflicts can be resolved if you manage them properly. Conflict resolution is crucial to the overall success of your business. […]

Mobile Learning: What You Need To Know

Mobile learning, also known as mLearning, is becoming much more common in the workplace as the workplace—and the work itself—becomes more mobile. To help you get started with what you need to know about mobile learning, Mobile Learning: What You Need to Know will look at the current makeup of the workforce and its increasing technical savvy […]

12 Steps for Successful Training

This FREE guide will arm you with the skills and techniques you need to help conduct an effective training session that accomplishes your goals in an enjoyable and engaging way for everyone involved. Download this free report now!