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Use Employee Surveys to Measure Engagement with Training

The answer to the question of how to motivate and engage employees is locked away in the employees, and in their values, beliefs and needs. Each of us has a unique set of motivational drivers. Unless a leader can align with these, it will be difficult to motivate and engage employees over the long term. […]

Study Ties Strong Learning Culture to Business Advantages

That is among the findings of a study from Bersin & Associates ( The study, entitled, High-Impact Learning Culture: The 40 Best Practices for an Empowered Enterprise, found that the majority of organizations that have built strong learning cultures are market leaders with highly productive employees and satisfied customers. “This is the first research to […]

Top 7 Training Daily Advisor Articles: Leadership Edition

What Makes an Effective Leader? Leadership is an essential skill for all supervisors and managers. Truly successful supervisors and managers don’t “boss” their employees, they lead them. It’s through effective leadership that employees are motivated to perform at their best. It’s through effective leadership that goals are achieved and your department meets productivity, quality, service, […]

Study Recommends Investing in Training for Frontline Workers

In a business brief, the National Network for Sector Partners (NNSP) explains how profiled employers achieved significant bottom line benefits by undertaking innovative training and career development efforts that are targeted at their lower-skilled, lower-wage workers. From Hidden Costs to High Returns: Unlocking the Potential of the Lower-Wage Workforce is based on structural interviews with […]

‘Lean’ Into More Effective Training

Just as “Lean” has helped cut waste in manufacturing and other industries, it can help training departments reduce waste and make training more effective, says Todd Hudson. In today’s Advisor, Hudson shows how to apply “Lean” principles to your training program. The basic concept of Lean in the corporate learning context is that “people should […]

Are Your Employees ENGAGED in Training?

Trainers need to spend more time thinking about how they are going to teach than what they are going to teach, says Vicki Halsey, Ph.D. (, author of Brilliance by Design: Creating Learning Experiences That Connect, Inspire, and ENGAGE (Berrett-Koehler, 2011), and vice president of applied learning at The Ken Blanchard Companies. Trainers tend to […]

Train Your Trainers Not To Make These Mistakes

Weiss is director of Seyfarth Shaw at Work, a legal compliance training company associated with the Seyfarth Shaw law firm. His remarks originally appeared in our sister publication, the HR Manager’s Legal Reporter. What Can Go Wrong Weiss suggested that trainers check to be sure they avoid the following common problems: Training from the Bottom […]

Are Your Trainers Well Trained?

Weiss is director of Seyfarth Shaw at Work, a legal compliance training company associated with the Seyfarth Shaw law firm. He says that courts (and opposing attorneys) will explore such things as the content of the training course, how much money is spent on training, and the trainer’s background and competency. His remarks originally appeared […]

New Study Shows that Project Management Training Yields Significant Results

Areas of Improvement Of participants in “The State of Project Management Training,” 29% credited project management training with improvement in stakeholder satisfaction, while 27% reported improvement in schedule performance, and nearly the percentage—26%—had fewer project failures. In the study of 247 large, mid-sized, and small companies in a variety of industries, project management firm PM […]