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Do You Train Supervisors to Be ‘Caring’?

From familiarizing supervisors with federal and state employment law to keeping them updated on the company’s policies and procedures, trainers must manage multiple training priorities—often on a limited budget. It can be easy to overlook a “soft” topic, such as training supervisors and managers to demonstrate care for employees and to build positive relationships with […]

Inspiring Training Success from One Company

From internships to continuous learning opportunities for employees, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company ( has received numerous accolades for its training and development initiatives. Last fall, Northwestern Mutual’s financial representative internship program earned a top 10 spot nationwide for the 16th consecutive year in the 2012 Vault Guide to Internships. “We’re extremely proud of our […]

There’s No Two Ways About It: Two-Way Video Training Is Here!

“Video training has been around in some way for a very, very long time,” says David Stubenvoll, CEO and cofounder of Wowza Media Systems (, a provider of media server and media workflow software. However, two-way video—a relatively new technology—is becoming increasingly popular in corporate training settings, he says. “With the Internet and with high-speed […]

What Changes Lie Ahead in Business Skills Training?

“Skills Mismatch: Business Acumen and Strategy Execution” studies the relationship between business skills and organizations’ ability to execute strategy, the critical skills needed at different levels of leadership, and trends in business skills development through 2018. The survey, which is based on responses from more than 300 senior corporate leaders, was conducted by The Economist […]

Top 10: Training Daily Advisor Review

Coaching Can Be Effective–But There Are Challenges In yesterday’s Advisor, we reported on a recent survey that asked how effective coaching is as a training option. In today’s Advisor, we’ll look at the greatest challenges in coaching as well as examine a useful new leadership training resource. Top 10: Training Daily Advisor Year in Review […]

Training Can Help Close Economy-Related Skills Gaps

In a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) poll, 66 percent of respondents reported having a hard time recruiting for specific job openings, up from 52 percent in 2011. “The Ongoing Impact of the Recession—Recruiting and Skills Gaps” found that recruiting challenges vary by industry, but highly skilled positions—scientists, engineers, technicians, programmers, nurses, doctors, and […]

Training Advances Corporate Responsibility in the Community

In an effort to advance its campaign against human trafficking, Hyatt ( recently launched an internal global training program to raise awareness about this issue. The program was developed in conjunction with the Polaris Project (, an organization dedicated to combating human trafficking. “The program is designed to provide managers and line staff at Hyatt […]

Are You Using PowerPoint Effectively in Your Training?

Before you sit down to create a PowerPoint presentation, think about how much of the chosen safety topic you want to cover. In many cases you won’t have time to go over everything in just one presentation. So, make a prioritized list of the key points and narrow your scope as necessary to fit the […]

Final Results from HR Daily Advisor’s Training and Development Survey

See more results here and here. Here are the final results: Training Methods Our survey shows that the leading method (58%) for training employees is in-person presentations by HR departments, followed closely (53%) by in-person sessions presented by experts from outside the company. Outside conferences are effective for 38% of survey participants, and printed or […]

Avoid Common Barriers to Training Transfer

When trainees don’t use what they’ve learned in training, the reason is often a lack of reinforcement back on the job, says Michael Nolan, president of Friesen, Kaye, and Associates ( Savvy trainers set the stage for that reinforcement long before they enter the classroom. Meeting with participants and their bosses in advance can significantly […]