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How Apprenticeships Close Skills Gaps and Expand Opportunity

Organizations are always on the lookout for innovative training opportunities that can help close the skills gap. One such company is the Dow Chemical Company (Dow), which has successfully run apprenticeship programs across Europe for 40 years and has recently reached an important milestone with its U.S. program.


Company Launches Free Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Despite the fact that the majority of data breaches are caused by human error, many organizations have not been training their employees on cybersecurity, according to a recent report. One company is trying to change that.


Boost Your Training with Visualization

Visualization can be a great help in boosting classroom training, both in the preparation and the delivery. Today an expert trainer provides valuable visualization techniques.


Survey Says: Skills Gap Costs Employers $1 Million Annually

It’s one of today’s most vexing economic puzzles: Why can’t employers find workers to fill their positions when approximately 7.5 million Americans are unemployed, and millions more are working part time because they can’t find full-time positions or have given up looking for work altogether?