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Worldwide Google Walkout

Allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace have gained increasing attention since the recent #MeToo movement. But even before the recent uptick in focus on such allegations, these issues have posed many challenges for employers and HR professionals.


Understanding Middle-Skill Jobs in Our Current Job Market and Economy

Middle-skill jobs are those jobs that don’t necessarily require a 4-year college degree but do require some college or post-high-school education. And over the past decade or so, middle-skill (also known as “middle-class”) jobs have been a hot topic in discussions surrounding the labor market.


Siemens Brings German-Style Apprenticeship Program to U.S. to Combat Skills Gap

Companies in the United States often bemoan what they see as a skills gap. They say that while there are applicants available for their job openings, those applicants just don’t have the requisite skills and/or education to successfully perform the essential functions of these jobs. The problem becomes increasingly acute when, as is currently the […]


Boeing and NSF Program Aims to Increase Diversity, STEM

When comparing the United States to the rest of the world, we often hear that American students continue to lag behind much of the rest of the world—and other advanced, industrial nations in particular—when it comes to the so-called STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math.