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Top Companies Make ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Unsafe Workplaces

When we think of companies like Amazon and Tesla, we think of technologically innovative organizations on the cutting edge of their industries. When we add in home improvement behemoth Lowe’s, we still see a group of extremely prominent and well-respected companies with vast resources at their disposal.


Starbucks Diversity Training—Too Much Too Late?

Recently, Starbucks was the subject of some very unwanted publicity after two African-American men were arrested in one of its Philadelphia stores for trespassing following a 911 call made by one of that store’s workers. No charges were ultimately filed, and the two men were released after spending a few hours in police custody.

first aid

Does Your Workplace Need First-Aid Training?

L&D professionals don’t often think of first-aid training as a standard part of workplace safety training or onboarding unless they work in the medical industry or highly hazardous environments. And even then, sometimes first-aid training isn’t always seen as a necessity. But emergencies and injuries happen all the time in the workplace, regardless of whether […]


What Is Unconscious Bias Training?

Earlier this year in April, two black men were arrested in a Starbucks in Pennsylvania. A Starbucks employee had called the police, claiming that the two men were loitering without paying for anything, and the two men stated that they were waiting for someone else to arrive.


AT&T’s Billion Dollar Retraining Strategy

In a dynamic and global marketplace, companies need to be quick and agile to adapt to changing technologies, market preferences, and regulatory environments. This is perhaps nowhere truer than in technologically driven industries. And change doesn’t just mean the leadership adapting new strategies to run the company. It also means ensuring its workforce has the […]

E-Learning Portfolios: What to Put in One and Why Every E-Learning Professional Needs One (Part 1)

Think of your e-learning portfolio as your digital and interactive résumé that’s online. It’s the best way to digitally document your experience, skills, and qualifications as an e-learning professional. And it will certainly make you stand out among your peers and others in your field. E-learning portfolios can be fun to create and maintain, too. […]

Tesla Aim–Become Safest Car Company (Your Aim?)

Elon Musk’s companies are groundbreaking on many fronts—from SpaceX launching the world’s largest rocket, to Tesla improving the viability of renewable energy through the development and deployment of large-scale batteries. Now, Tesla is announcing its ambitions to become the safest factory in the world, and it’s doing so in some interesting ways.

The Importance of Soft Skills Training for IT

Today we are joined by Casey Foss, CMO at West Monroe Partners about the role that soft skills have to play when it comes to IT. The interview is based on a recent study conducted by West Monroe Partners concerning IT and soft skills. You can view the report here.