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Onboarding can either shepherd a new employee into a company, or the lack of onboarding can throw them into a pit. Training your hiring managers on quality onboarding techniques makes all the difference for engagement, retention, and your bottom line.

The Flipped Classroom: A New Training Strategy

By Donna Lord What exactly are flipped classrooms, and how can a flipped classroom training strategy increase training effectiveness within your organization? As Donna Lord, vice president of marketing and product development for ePath Learning Inc., explains in today’s Advisor, the concept of the flipped classroom originated in the education sector.

Onboarding Millennials and Generation Zs

Millennials will soon make up the majority of the workforce, and Generation Z (Gen Z) is right behind them. What types of challenges are employers facing when it comes to engaging Millennial and Gen Z new hires in the onboarding process? We have a few tips for optimizing your process for these new hires.

‘Unboxing’ New Employees

By Dane Hurtubise Opening up a box to see what’s inside is an exciting experience for everyone. When a new hire comes in for his or her first day on the job, it’s just as exciting for the new employee as it is for the employer. With advice on making this “unboxing” experience as effective […]

Onboarding—Tips for Success in the First 90 Days

By DeLynn Senna Onboarding is a new hire’s first impression of his or her new job, and it’s important that this crucial time prepares both the new employee and the company for mutual success. With five helpful hints to that end, we present an article by DeLynn Senna, executive director of Robert Half Finance & […]

Onboarding Compliance with State Regs—More Steps for Success

In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Julia Bailey, senior director of product management for Equifax Workforce Solutions, discussed the issue of regulatory compliance in the onboarding process and the first two of her six steps to success. Today, Bailey provides the final four steps of effective—and compliant—onboarding.

Onboarding Regulations—Steps for Success

Onboarding new hires—it’s the first step in training the next generation of workers that will help shape your company’s future. There are regulations that guide the process, however, and employers need to know the facts. Today, we discuss how to achieve compliance with state regulations in an article by Julia Bailey, senior director of product […]

Tips for Hacking Your HR Forms

No doubt about it—if you’re in HR, you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork. Even the most detail-oriented professional can have trouble staying organized, but there are several HR form “hacks” that can help manage it all. Miranda Nicholson, talent department manager for Formstack, has tips to help you implement these hacks with your HR […]

HR Is Now a Strategic Partner. Are You Ready to Deliver?

by Linda Itskovitz HR isn’t just about administration, compliance, and onboarding anymore. Between training, metrics, and employee engagement, the field has evolved into a strategic business role within the organization. Linda Itskovitz, vice president of marketing for GuideSpark, has tips for delivering strategic HR.

HR Professionals Can Help Solve Cybersecurity Problems

by Maurice Uenuma Yesterday’s Advisor illuminated how a lack of training has the potential to increase the risk of cybersecurity breaches at your organization. Today, Maurice Uenuma, chief operating officer for the Council on CyberSecurity, explains how HR professionals are integral to the security of enterprise data and networks.

How the Utility Industry Is Powering Up Workforce Development

With training and development a high priority for top talent, different industries are finding ways to enhance their programs. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) recognizes the importance of supporting workforce and economic development initiatives, employing veterans, and doing its part to close the so-called skills gap.