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Onboarding can either shepherd a new employee into a company, or the lack of onboarding can throw them into a pit. Training your hiring managers on quality onboarding techniques makes all the difference for engagement, retention, and your bottom line.


Pros and Cons of Employees Training Their Replacements

Turnover is a fact of life for any business. Whether due to an employee retiring, leaving for a different opportunity, or being promoted or moved to a different position, businesses frequently need to fill roles due to turnover. Some industries (i.e., hospitality) experience very high levels of turnover; for hospitality, annual turnover rates were over […]


What Your Human Resources Department Leaders Need to Know in 2018

The human resources (HR) industry has certainly gone through a lot of changes over the past decade, with new generations flooding the workforce and advanced technology emerging onto the scene and shaking things up every other week. But even with all the changes HR has seen, there are still only a few changes you’ll want […]

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Onboarding?

Anyone who has ever started a new job, particularly at a large organization, knows how daunting learning the ropes can be. And even long-term employees often have questions about policies, procedures, or practices, that they’ve never dealt with. Obviously, productivity suffers if employees are spending time looking for answers to basic or frequently-asked questions. And, […]

5 Assessments You Should Give Your New Hires

Applicant résumés and the interview process only allow you to learn so much about your new hires. Below are five additional assessments you’ll want to give your new hires so you know exactly what type of onboarding they need and so you know how to continue to develop them while they’re with your organization. (If […]

Why Your Onboarding Program Should Last at least 1 Year

According to one Aberdeen Group study highlighted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 2% of companies extend their onboarding programs beyond 1 year. However, research indicates it can take up to 8 months (and sometimes 2 years) for a newly hired employee to reach the same level of productivity as an existing […]

3 Elements Every Onboarding Training Session Needs

One study, published in the Academy of Management Journal, found that the first 90 days of employment are critical for retaining new hires. Those first days are pivotal to ensuring that new hires build rapport with the company, management teams, and fellow coworkers. Another study revealed that new employees who went through a structured onboarding […]

10 Best Practice Tips for Effective Onboarding—Part 2: As Time Goes By

We’ve taken a look at some innovative ways you can add value to the onboarding process in the early days of an employee’s tenure with you—even before he or she actually starts the job—but the process can and should continue to have maximum impact. Here are five additional best practice tips for effective onboarding:


10 Best Practice Tips for Effective Onboarding—Part 1: The Early Days

An employee’s first hours, days, and weeks with your organization set the stage for a positive relationship. That’s why onboarding is such a critical step in the process. So, how can you take steps to ensure that the process is as successful as possible from both the employee and the organization’s perspectives? Following are some […]


HR Experts Share Onboarding Insights

The onboarding process is often not conducted as effectively as it could be. So much time is spent finding and hiring great new employees when there is an open position that onboarding is largely overlooked. But that’s a big mistake and a missed opportunity. According to The Learning Match Maker, 91 percent of employees stick […]