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4 Tips for Coaching New Managers

According to statistics compiled in a post published on LinkedIn® Learning, three out of four employees report that their bosses are the worst and most stressful part of their jobs, with 65% of employees saying they’d take a new boss over a pay raise. And a whopping 85% of executives aren’t confident in their leadership […]


How to Make It Easier for Your Managers to Train Their Employees

Management and training can encompass two very different skill sets, depending on how the terms are defined. In the literal sense of the words, a manager is directing the activities of his or her group, while a trainer is providing the individuals who make up the group with the skills and knowledge they need to […]


3 Benefits of Combining Workplace Training with Civic Engagement

One study conducted by J. Ryan Lamare, a professor of labor and employment relations at the University of Illinois, revealed that an employee’s workplace environment has a direct correlation to how he or she interacts with the greater society and whether he or she becomes civically engaged.


5 Critical Leadership Traits Executives Need to Thrive in the Post-Digital Workplace

L&D professionals identify the ability to effectively deliver insights on skill gaps as a key priority. However, as the workplace becomes increasingly more digitized it’s important that executives understand the key traits that are critical for leadership to succeed. According to research from Randstad US, executives must develop new leadership capabilities in order to successfully […]


Strategies to Delegate Effectively

Business leaders need to be efficient in how they spend their time. Not only is their time more valuable in terms of pure compensation but it is more valuable in terms of their potential to contribute to broader strategy and execution.


Which Soft Skills Do Your Leaders Need, and How Can You Set Them Up for Success?

When HR departments look for training and development programs for their organizations’ leaders and high potentials, they often focus on industry-specific and job-related tasks. This is because—much more than “soft skills” like communication, teamwork, or critical analysis—these more concrete skills are easier to standardize across departments and titles and simpler to evaluate and teach.


How to Continue Growing as a Leader

Traditional hierarchies have created a relationship of power between employee and manager with clear distinctions of leadership and subordinate roles. This dynamic is sometimes forced and has not always benefited us. Although there are some benefits to this traditional schema, we often forget that leaders are people, too, and have their personal development to consider. 


What You Should Really Expect from Recently Promoted Employees

Unfortunately, there isn’t typically one set of tools or metrics you can rely on when evaluating newly promoted employees. How employees should be evaluated once they’re promoted depends on a variety of factors, such as their current skill sets and experience levels, the size of the project or team they’re overseeing and the team’s expertise, […]