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How to Find the ‘Explainers’ and Turn Them into Your L&D Warriors

There’s lots of noise out there around which skills people should gain in order to get good jobs and have successful careers. If nothing else, the debate has yielded one irrefutable conclusion: We all need to be lifelong learners. We all need to get good at adapting and maintaining our skill sets to stay relevant […]


Ways for Women to Build Confidence in the Workplace

Despite considerable gains in the last few decades toward greater equality in the workplace in terms of pay and opportunities, women still lag behind men at the top levels of organizations. For example, according to the Center for American Progress, even though women make up 44% of the overall S&P 500 workforce and 36% of […]


Why It’s Crucial to Have an Agenda for Your Meetings

We’ve probably all had the experience of seeing a meeting invitation on our work calendars with a vague title and no additional information. We’re left wondering what the meeting is about and what it has to do with us. As a meeting organizer, adding a few bullet points to meeting invitations to set an agenda […]


War Rooms and Project Management

In the world of project management, there are often times when fast, focused, efficient, coordinated action is required by a team. That team may not always work together and may have other responsibilities; however, for a given task and a given period of time, it’s in the best interests of the organization to prioritize a […]


Why Implementing On-the-Job Training for Your Supervisors Is Critical

While a lot of organizations spend a lot of money on developing formal training programs and learning content for their leaders, one recent study conducted at UConn discovered that an estimated 70% to more than 90% of a supervisor’s training and professional development occur outside these formal structures.  


Using Status Reports for Project Management

Managers are very busy individuals. Not only do they need to manage their staff but they are also often involved in strategic initiatives with their own management. This means it can be difficult for them to stay on top of all of the activities their staff are engaged in at a detailed level.


Are Leaders Born or Made?

Effective leadership is essential for any organization, and companies pay top dollar to recruit strong leaders. Many companies also spend a lot of money on leadership training; however, this is somewhat controversial. Many skeptics question whether leadership can actually be taught or whether good leaders are simply born with an innate ability to lead.