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6 Tips for More Effective Public Speaking

We’ve all heard the old pseudo-statistic that people are more afraid of public speaking than death. Although this might be hyperbole (would most people honestly rather die than speak in public?), the point is that public speaking is something many people are afraid of and few excel at. But despite this, anyone can improve on this […]


A Spectrum of Reasons for Failure

In recent posts, we discussed the concept of embracing failure, beginning with looking at the organizational benefits of doing so, as well as the risks of ignoring this failure. Next, we talked about strategies that can help use failure as a learning experience and then discussed three categories of failure in a follow-up post.


5 Steps for Embracing Failure

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of embracing failure. This applies equally to both individuals and organizations, but we’re focusing on the organizational level for this series. In this post, we’ll discuss some strategies for successfully managing and embracing failures, several of which will be discussed in more detail in future posts.


4 Consequences of Failing to Embrace Failure

Most people are driven by a desire to win and succeed, and even those who don’t consider themselves competitive would likely agree they enjoy success, which is often particularly true for those in business leadership roles. This desire to win and succeed can be an asset when it leads to determination, hard work, and commitment, […]


Leaders: Connect with Your Employees (without Oversharing)

According to research, our brains respond positively to those we feel a personal connection with, causing us to try harder, perform better, and act kinder toward colleagues and leaders with whom we connect. Though leaders should connect with their employees and convey emotion and vulnerability to increase positive employee responses and build trust, they must […]


Cultivate Strong Partnerships with These 5 Tips

Businesses form partnerships for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, developing capabilities internally doesn’t make sense in the long run for the short-term needs of a particular opportunity, and sometimes, the needs are immediate, making developing those capabilities impractical. 


Fyre Festival Debacle Contains Potential Leadership Lessons

Netflix has been making headlines with a number of high-quality and popular original documentaries, movies, and series over the last several years, including hits like House of Cards and Bird Box. One recent documentary also gained a lot of attention, not just because it was well made but also because its subject is still fresh in […]