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Using Status Reports for Project Management

Managers are very busy individuals. Not only do they need to manage their staff but they are also often involved in strategic initiatives with their own management. This means it can be difficult for them to stay on top of all of the activities their staff are engaged in at a detailed level.


Are Leaders Born or Made?

Effective leadership is essential for any organization, and companies pay top dollar to recruit strong leaders. Many companies also spend a lot of money on leadership training; however, this is somewhat controversial. Many skeptics question whether leadership can actually be taught or whether good leaders are simply born with an innate ability to lead.

Using Body Language to Improve Your Communication

There’s an old adage that 90 percent of communication is nonverbal. In other words, it’s not always what we say but how we say it, that really conveys a message to the person we’re communicating with. This is as important in the workplace as it is anywhere else. When we communicate with our employees, coworkers, […]


ATD Keynote: President Barack Obama Discusses Fostering a Culture of Learning

Former President Barack Obama gave the keynote speech Monday, at the 2018 ATD International Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA about the role of learning, and the culture of learning, within organizations and how his education and learning experiences shaped is own decision-making abilities. ATD is the Association for Talent Development.

How Does EQ Impact Leadership Potential?

While intelligence may not be, strictly speaking, an essential component of leadership, it certainly helps. Particularly in the business world, a dynamic and complicated environment, intelligence is key to helping leaders evaluate the facts at hand to make the best decisions. But, traditional intelligence isn’t the only form of intelligence that can contribute to the […]


How Your Leadership Development Program Affects Your Bottom Line (Part 2)

Continued from yesterday’s post, here’s more about how your leadership development program affects your bottom line. Develops High-Performing Leaders When you invest in your employees’ development and professional advancement, they’ll become more committed to your organization and ensuring its financial success because its financial success becomes a factor of their own professional and financial success.

How Your Leadership Development Program Affects Your Bottom Line (Part 1)

Studies have found that the most financially successful organizations don’t recruit their leaders— they develop them in-house. According to research highlighted in a LinkedIn® Learning guide, 61% of companies offer no leadership training even though the average company forfeits over $1 million per year in untapped potential and loses as much as 50% of productivity […]