Category: Hands-On Training

While digital and remote training have a lot of perks, there can be no substitution for real-world, hands on training. This topic covers such training.


4 Types of Hands-On Training Your Employees Need in 2019

Online e-learning and mobile learning are still gaining popularity in the workplace, but it’s important to note that workplace learners still prefer hands-on training and on-the-job training opportunities—even more than digital learning experiences. And research continues to show that blended learning is still critical to the modern-day workplace.      


How to Develop On-the-Job Training for Disabled Employees

Currently, only 18.7% of individuals with a disability are employed in the United States, with an unemployment rate that is double the unemployment rate for individuals with no disability. And many employers are still unsure of which accommodations they’re required to provide employees with disabilities by law, especially with the steady pace of technological innovation.


Are All Your Employees Speaking the Same Language?

Technology skills are becoming more important than ever in all industries—no matter what type of business or organization you work for, everyone is trying to be more like the leading tech companies of Silicon Valley. However, even though the values, ethos, and culture of tech start-ups have become more influential than ever before, many employers, […]


Why Implementing On-the-Job Training for Your Supervisors Is Critical

While a lot of organizations spend a lot of money on developing formal training programs and learning content for their leaders, one recent study conducted at UConn discovered that an estimated 70% to more than 90% of a supervisor’s training and professional development occur outside these formal structures.  


Apprenticeship Booming in Switzerland–Will It Boom for You?

There are many ways for employers and employees to mutually benefit from employee development. These can range from unpaid internships—where students spend a semester or a summer in the office of a business, to training programs—where existing employees are giving periodic training in specific topics—to something more in-depth: apprenticeship programs. As described by the Department […]