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Keeping Learners Engaged During Live Training Sessions

Did you know that around $160 billion is wasted annually on ineffective training inside the workplace? In fact, studies show that only about 10% of workplace training is effective. And this is primarily the case because training sessions aren’t very engaging.


Are Remote Workers Costing You Your Business?

As businesses continue to adapt to and change with the times, one working arrangement is standing out among workers and employers: remote work. This popular way to work has many benefits for both parties involved, but it also comes with risks.


How to Decide If You Can Get Rid of Some Internal Reports

We’ve previously discussed the fact that a great deal of time is often wasted with superfluous and often unread reports. Many times, these reports are implemented at a point in time when they are legitimately needed; however, the reports may have been poorly created, or their usefulness may have waned or disappeared altogether.


Should All Employees Be Required to Have Coding Skills?

With recent advances in technology, it’s becoming apparent that coding skills are in high demand across every industry and sector worldwide. And many experts are dubbing coding languages the “language[s] of our modern world,” as coding schools and online learning platforms continue to pop up everywhere.


Stats Proving the Value of L&D Programs for Organizations

Learning and development (L&D) programs consistently yield positive results for organizations of all shapes and sizes, which is why the L&D industry is currently projected to be worth $7.12 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.2%. But if you need even more evidence proving the value of L&D programs, here […]


Teambuilding Activities to Help Build Trust

We recently discussed the importance of teambuilding in organizations, as well as some strategies to prepare employees and managers in advance of such activity to make sure they are as successful as possible.