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How to Make Continuous Learning Work

Due to rapid advancements in technology across industries and business sectors, experts believe that around 375 million workers worldwide will have to seek new employment and switch occupations altogether by 2030 … unless employers decide to revamp their training programs and implement continuous learning across their organizations.


3 Things Your Management Training Programs Shouldn’t Be Missing

This year will be the year that you’ll want to invest more heavily in your management training programs. According to research, employees don’t leave jobs—they leave managers. And 70% of employees consider themselves to be disengaged at work, most often due to ill-fitted and improperly trained managers.


Learning and Development in Fast-Changing Times

Employees have always had the need for ongoing learning and development, and organizations have always taken steps to provide them with the tools and training needed to get their jobs done. But, in an environment of increasing complexity, globalization, and rapidly emerging technology, the need for ongoing education and development has likely never been higher—or […]


Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Addressing Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is top-of-mind for many HR and L&D professionals now, specifically in the wake of the #MeToo movement and Starbuck’s infamous diversity training day. Yet many professionals still aren’t sure how to address workplace harassment and are making mistakes that can have lasting and profound consequences.


Breaking Down Silos by Encouraging Job Rotations

Particularly in large companies, it can be difficult for employees to clearly view their roles within the wider context of the organization. This can have a number of negative impacts. As companies grow, there is a tendency to develop silos—relatively isolated departments that don’t cooperate or share information with one another.


6 Tips for Effective Blended Learning

Yesterday’s post explained why blended learning is on the rise in the modern-day workplace. Today’s post offers six tips and best practices for effectively implementing blended learning strategies and courses.