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Gamification of training is the process whereby game-like features are added to training. For example, some companies might have contests or point systems applied to training, and others might even develop computer based games to assist with training.

Is Your Ethics and Compliance Training Reaching the Right People?

According to a recent survey, many organizations are falling short when it comes to training executives and board members on ethics and compliance issues. This is a huge oversight, as these are possibly the people in your company who need this training the most! Is your company overlooking these key stakeholders?

Not All Fun and Games: Gamification Obstacles

Yesterday’s Advisor highlighted how corporate universities are evolving alongside new technologies. Today, we’re taking a look at some obstacles surrounding gamification, which is becoming a popular technological training solution in the workforce.

Corporate Universities Evolve with Technology

Every company takes a unique approach to training its workforce, and technology is changing corporate universities. From training on core values to professional certifications to leadership development opportunities, Aquilent’s corporate university strives to support employees’ career advancement and, in turn, deliver “enhanced value” to customers.

LMSs and Safety Training Records

By Jennifer Busick Tracking safety training is an important task for environment, health, and safety (EHS) managers, but it can be both time-consuming and difficult to keep up with. The right learning management system (LMS) can help. Guest columnist Jennifer Busick has more on choosing the right LMS for your company.

More Cutting-Edge Talent Development Tips

By Sandy Pennington In yesterday’s Advisor, Sandy Pennington, chief people and process officer for Clinicient, provided two tips on how you can begin building a cutting-edge talent development program. Today Pennington continues with three more tips and key takeaways for our readers.


Games in Training—5 Advantages

Gamification is a big trend in training and business in general, but it’s not a perfect training solution. What are some of the advantages of using games in training, and what disadvantages should trainers be wary of?

Using Data from Games to Track Performance

By Karen Hsu In yesterday’s Advisor, Karen Hsu, vice president of marketing at Badgeville, elaborated on how gamification can help increase employee engagement. Today, Hsu discusses how the data from these games can be used to track performance and increase productivity.

Gamification + Data = Increased Engagement?

By Karen Hsu A lack of engagement is a big problem in the modern workforce, and steps must be taken to identify and solve the problem. Gamification can help trainers and HR professionals find the data they need and increase engagement. Today, we present an article by Karen Hsu, vice president of marketing at Badgeville, […]

Gamify Your Workplace for Better Engagement

Yesterday’s Advisor revealed that 54% of employees surveyed have experienced mishaps during the onboarding process. Getting off on the wrong foot can really damage engagement at the critical moment. Today, gamification expert Tony Ventrice explains how you can fix engagement at your company. Ventrice is Behavior Lab cofounder and senior game systems designer at Badgeville, […]