Category: Feedback / Evaluation

While feedback and evaluation might be more of a human resources task, how that feedback is gathered, and the best way to conduct evaluations can often be improved with training.

The Evolving Landscape of Performance Management

In the old days, employees and their immediate supervisors would have a formal meeting once a year to talk about their past performance and set goals for the future. In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, spurred by technology advancements, global competition, and changing consumer demands, that annual process seems woefully inadequate to ensure high performance.


Beyond the ‘Applause Meter’: Did Your Training Make a Difference?

How do you know whether your training made a difference or had an impact? It’s a foundational question for anyone involved in training and development, and there is no single answer. Much depends on exactly what it was you hoped your training outcomes would be. As Stephen Covey said, “Start with the end in mind.”


Using Surveys to Attain Relevant and Actionable Training Feedback

Surveys are regularly used as a means of attaining feedback from employees on training that they’ve attended or participated in. While surveys generally represent what is referred to as an “applause meter”—an indication of whether employees liked the training, as opposed to whether the training had an impact—they are a useful means of learning about […]