Category: Feedback / Evaluation

While feedback and evaluation might be more of a human resources task, how that feedback is gathered, and the best way to conduct evaluations can often be improved with training.


Effectively Offering Financial Incentives to Employees

Since the early 2000s, seminal studies have revealed that employees aren’t actually motivated by compensation and financial incentives alone, although they both help some. But still, most Human Resources managers and learning and development professionals believe that to retain employees and keep them engaged, they must pay them more or offer them more ways to […]


How Does Continuous Performance Management Work

In a previous post, we discussed the results of the State of Continuous Performance Management Survey. The survey results showed significant reductions in some of the negative impacts of only performing annual reviews when companies instead utilized what is known as continuous performance management.


Continuous Performance Management vs. Annual Review

Feedback is crucial to employee development, both to reinforce positive behaviors and to address and correct negative behaviors. Additionally, regular feedback is important in helping employees advance in their careers within the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to limit their formal employee feedback to an annual review.


Disciplining Employees: Appropriate Tone/Approach

We’ve been talking recently about the subject of employee discipline—arguably one of the least-comfortable aspects of any manager’s job. In a previous post, we talked about the importance of having clear policies for employees so that they know what type of actions and behaviors are counter to company policy, as well as what the consequences […]