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Keeping your employees trained and up to speed is a critical part of employee development.


6 Reasons Why Training Employees Is Worth the Investment

Training your staff: It’s good for workers, and it’s good for employers, too. It’s easy for businesses to get sucked into the perceived reasons why they shouldn’t be providing training to their employees, such as the cost to the business and the time it takes out of regular working hours.


Weak Reasons to Ask for a Raise

It’s not uncommon for employees to feel that they are undervalued and, consequently, underpaid. But, while some employees seem adept at building the case for a pay raise, others struggle to do the same, continuing to feel frustrated and sometimes even choosing to leave the organization in search of better pay. It may be that […]


Letting Employees Own Their Processes

Most people who have managed employees have at one time or another been frustrated with the performance of a staff member. He or she just simply doesn’t seem to “get it.” The person isn’t performing the work the way you think he or she should, and despite all of the sit-downs, performance reviews, additional training, […]


Strong Reasons to Ask for a Raise

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Very few of us go to work every day simply because we love what we do. Those who do are fortunate. For many of us, though, money is the incentive that keeps us coming back day after day.


Importance of Language Training for Businesses

In an increasingly global business environment, many companies place a premium on bilingual or multilingual employees. Even with English as a lingua franca for business in much of the world, and even with increasingly sophisticated translation technologies like Google Translate, the benefits of multilingualism are still significant.


Best Practices for Promoting Your L&D Programs in 2019

Per Deloitte research conducted by learning and development (L&D) experts, the real problem with L&D is that it isn’t marketed or promoted well enough across most organizations. In fact, 65% of L&D professionals reported that their prospective learners aren’t even aware of the learning opportunities available at their organizations.