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Learning online has blown the training industry wide open. Whether it’s software solutions, interactive classes, or webcasts, e-learning is here to stay.


How to Utilize Data Analytics for E-Learning

Yesterday’s post covered the importance of automated data analytics for organizational e-learning initiatives and programs. In more detail, here is how you can, and should, utilize data analytics for organizational e-learning initiatives and programs.


The Importance of Automated Data Analytics for E-Learning

In 2019, it’s important for organizations to have a learning management system (LMS) that’s based in the cloud because cloud-based LMSs allow them to take full advantage of automated data analytics for their e-learning initiatives and programs.

Online Training and Information for a Mobile Workforce

Do you believe the best employee learning occurs while on the job and within the context of the work? There are well-tested steps to follow for rolling out a training solution for a large, mobile workforce.


8 Instructional Design Tips for E-Learning

The e-learning industry is projected to be worth around $325 billion within the next half decade—and for very good reason. E-learning initiatives lead to increased employee retention rates, increased revenues, and more, and nearly all (98%) companies will invest in e-learning by next year, especially digital and video content, according to one company’s research.


7 Tips for Helping Employees Who Struggle with E-Learning

Although there are numerous benefits to e-learning inside the workplace for both employers and employees, such as employers’ saving money with e-learning options and being better able to engage employee learners and personalize their learning environments while improving job satisfaction and productivity levels, as well as employees’ having access to  relevant and timely learning content […]


Why You Should Implement Social Learning This Year

Seventy-three percent of the companies that were surveyed in a Brandon Hall study expected to increase their focus on social learning last year, which means that by this year most of them have probably already implemented their social learning strategies.


Where eLearning Could Fall Short in Closing the AI Skills Gap

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to have a major impact on global business—expected to drive $1.2 trillion in value by 2022. While there is plenty of discussion around the efficiencies and new capabilities that AI will bring, talent remains the Achilles heel of AI implementation.


5 Elements Each of Your L&D Videos Should Have

Cisco predicted that 80% of all Internet traffic this year will be video content. And nearly all organizations will plan to use video content as an integral part of their learning and development (L&D) strategies this year, as well.