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This topic pertains to articles about the relationship between company culture and training are explored. For example, a good safety culture at a company might make training more effective while a poor safety culture can serve to undermine training efforts.


Should You Train and Develop Your Employees to Be More Competitive?

According to some experts, competition can be a positive thing inside the workplace, encouraging employees to problem solve and be more innovative and creative. Yet others claim that unmonitored competition can lead to a toxic workplace where workers are constantly stressed, fatigued, backstabbing one another, and so on.


5 Steps to Take When Implementing a New Company Culture

According to research highlighted by Harvard Business Review, positive work cultures promote more productive, engaged, and happier employees. Also, according to one survey highlighted by Forbes, “corporate culture, however it is defined, makes a difference in companies’ performance and value.”


Why Your Employees Need Days to Unplug

CareerBuilder recently revealed that modern-day workers have a difficult time unplugging from their devices and from work as a result. So, they are burned out, fatigued, stressed, and unhappy.


Cons of Team-Based Incentives

In a previous post, we discussed some of the benefits of a team-based incentive plan, whereby bonuses are awarded based on the success or shortcomings of an entire team and not on specific individuals. In this post, we’ll look at some of the drawbacks of this approach.


Pros of Team-Based Incentives

There are a variety of ways that organizations can reward employees to encourage continued commitment and high productivity. And, while employees often vary widely in the level to which they value various types of rewards, bonuses are a commonly used tool that tend to provide value for most employees.


Benefits of Making Your Employees Shareholders

After the introduction of the Accountable Capitalism Act last year, many organizations are starting to explore different ways to offer their employees a stronger voice, more business equity—essentially, more “skin in the game.” Many start-ups have already been offering their employees shares and stakes in their company for years because they don’t have many other […]


Workplace Trends to Watch for in 2019

With the significant advancements in technology, the workplace has continued to evolve over the past century at rapid rates. And if one thing is certain, it’s that change is still constant and inevitable in the workplace in 2019 as well.