Category: Change Management

Massive changes occur regularly in the workplace, be it a merger or acquisition, new leadership, a new direction, growth, or downsizing. Such changes often require training managers, supervisors, and sometimes staff on new policies and new tasks, among other things.

Why Your Organization Needs a Change Management Program

 If properly designed, learning and development programs will naturally fit around the changes your organization makes at both micro and macro levels. Nevertheless, 70% of change initiatives fail in organizations because they don’t have change management learning programs in place. What is a Change Management Program? A change management program is a program designed to […]

Organizational Structure as a Roadblock to Change Management

Employee training programs are important elements of change management in the business world. These programs often seek to change the behavior of employees en masse and often involve the use of outside consultants and experts to design and run the training efforts. But these programs can leave employers and managers disappointed with the results.