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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been and will continue to change so many fields and industries, Learning & Development included. From chat bots to machine learning, AI is a powerful tool in the field of L&D.


Don’t Think of AI Advancement as an Arms Race

In the Dr. Seuss tale The Butter Battle Book, a farcical tale is told of two antagonistic neighbors—the Yooks and the Zooks—who enter into an arms race and go to war over a disagreement about whether to eat bread with the butter side up or down.


5 Ways AI Keeps HR Humane

While artificial intelligence (AI) is being recognized across industries and sectors for its profound influence on organizational innovation, productivity, and profitability, it’s getting a lot of negative attention in the realm of Human Resources (HR).


Facebook’s Endorsement of Proposed AI Regulation Causes Skepticism

New technologies and innovations have revolutionized society since prehistoric times, from the wheel and writing to gunpowder, the printing press, human flight, etc.—the list goes on and on. But that technologically driven societal change does not happen in a vacuum, especially in modern times.


3 Ways AI Can Drive Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential to fundamentally change our world in areas from education and art to military, science, and business, among others. The potential changes are so great that it’s hard to wrap our heads around just what to expect.


Artificial Intelligence Creates ‘Fake People’

Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential for fundamentally altering the way our world operates. Although it can replace or enhance human thinking in many industries, as well as help us make existing processes much more efficient, there is still a great deal of anxiety for some over the potential power of computerized intelligence, and every […]


6 Policy Principles for AI in Health Care

In a previous post, we discussed the current uses of AI in the healthcare industry, and in a follow-up post, we looked at the first 5 of 11 policy recommendations made by Connected Health in a report titled “Policy Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Health.”


Task Force Recommends Policy Principles for AI in Health Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing the way people and businesses complete a variety of tasks, and it promises to continue to do so at an increasing pace. One area that has great potential for AI applications is the healthcare industry.


Benefits of AI in Health Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already altered our world in many significant ways, from targeted advertisements and personal home assistants to cybersecurity. The future promises even greater impacts, and health care is no exception.


New AI’s Creators Believe Creation Is Too Dangerous to Release to Public

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to be a revolutionizing force in our lifetime in applications ranging from business, health care, media, and leisure, but many have expressed concern over AI’s potential for making the need for humans in many fields unnecessary. Some have even expressed concern over whether AI could become self-aware and eliminate and replace […]


Not Using AI Yet? Here Are 4 Things You Need to Know

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly gaining traction across industries and organizations and will soon power  more learning and development (L&D) initiatives. Without AI-enhanced systems, adaptive learning and work inside the modern-day workplace would be impossible.