Kelly Creighton


3 Big-Name L&D Partnerships You Need to Know About

As the L&D industry continues to grow, so do the amount of big-name partnerships we discover. L&D partnerships are bridging the gaps between universities and the workplace, government and the workplace, personal learning experiences and learning experiences inside the workplace, etc.


6 Types of Content Your Employees Should Know How to Create

There are many reasons why you want your employees to be content creators at and for your organization. When your employees are content creators, you can implement a culture of learning at your organization, endorse transparent communications, and so much more. But you must make sure that your employees know how to create certain types […]


5 Best Practices for Training the World’s Future Leaders

Generation Z (those born roughly between 1995 and 2015) and Millennials (those born roughly between 1981 and 1994) are set to become the world’s future leaders … and, soon. As you train them, keep this in mind, as well as the five best practices for training them that are mentioned below.


5 Ways AI Keeps HR Humane

While artificial intelligence (AI) is being recognized across industries and sectors for its profound influence on organizational innovation, productivity, and profitability, it’s getting a lot of negative attention in the realm of Human Resources (HR).


How to Address the Gender Pay Gap at Your Organization

Although the Equal Pay Act of 1963 technically prohibits employers from paying women less money than men in the workplace, research continues to show that women earn less money than men in the workplace (especially women of color), and that women aren’t in as many executive-level roles as men.


How to Utilize Data Analytics for E-Learning

Yesterday’s post covered the importance of automated data analytics for organizational e-learning initiatives and programs. In more detail, here is how you can, and should, utilize data analytics for organizational e-learning initiatives and programs.


Keeping Learners Engaged During Live Training Sessions

Did you know that around $160 billion is wasted annually on ineffective training inside the workplace? In fact, studies show that only about 10% of workplace training is effective. And this is primarily the case because training sessions aren’t very engaging.


5 Awards and Accolades to Present to Your Top Performers

Seminal research indicates that employees value recognition in the workplace more than money. In fact, 83% of respondents to a survey claimed that recognition for contributions at work were more fulfilling to them than any rewards or gifts they’ve received.


The Importance of Automated Data Analytics for E-Learning

In 2019, it’s important for organizations to have a learning management system (LMS) that’s based in the cloud because cloud-based LMSs allow them to take full advantage of automated data analytics for their e-learning initiatives and programs.