Top Companies Make ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Unsafe Workplaces

When we think of companies like Amazon and Tesla, we think of technologically innovative organizations on the cutting edge of their industries. When we add in home improvement behemoth Lowe’s, we still see a group of extremely prominent and well-respected companies with vast resources at their disposal.


How to Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Programs

Few things elicit a yawn more easily than the mention of workplace compliance programs. And yet, compliance training is increasingly important in today’s workplaces. As laws and regulations increase in number and complexity, companies are finding that more and more employees are put in positions where their job functions can expose the organization to civil, regulatory, […]


When It Comes to Employee Engagement, Johns Hopkins Rules

Employee engagement is a key statistic tracked by many organizations because it’s an extremely important factor for business success. Employee engagement has direct connections to employee morale, productivity, and turnover—not to mention employee-supported recruitment and marketing efforts. And, of course, engaged employees are also more likely to deliver a positive customer experience.


Disciplining Employees: Appropriate Tone/Approach

We’ve been talking recently about the subject of employee discipline—arguably one of the least-comfortable aspects of any manager’s job. In a previous post, we talked about the importance of having clear policies for employees so that they know what type of actions and behaviors are counter to company policy, as well as what the consequences […]


Welcoming an Employee Back from Leave

Our jobs and careers are major parts of our lives. We spend a huge portion of our waking hours at work, and our careers are a significant source of our personal identity and self-worth. But our jobs do not define our lives, and for one reason or another, many employees take extended periods of time […]


The Harassment Risk of Emoji

We may think they are relegated to the realm of the teenage and the tween. We may deny using them ourselves. But the fact is that emoji—cartoon representations of emotions—have become commonplace in our digital world. “Seventy-one percent of Americans use visual expressions such as emojis, stickers or GIFs when texting or using mobile messaging […]


Disciplining Employees: Policies and Expectations

Disciplining employees is one of the least-favorite aspects of any manager’s job. Not only does the prospect create an uncomfortable interaction between people who work together on a regular basis, but it also often represents a failure—not just for the employee being disciplined but also for the manager who can be left feeling like he […]


Recognizing and Addressing the Risks of Dating in the Workplace

We spend so much of our lives at work that it’s no surprise that workplace relationships are quite common. In an article for Business News Daily, Chad Brooks cites a study from CareerBuilding, which found that 41% of professionals have dated a coworker—up from 37% last year and the highest percentage in the past 10 […]