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What You Need to Know About Facebook Entering the Skill-Building Space

Facebook has released a new skill-building site: Learn with Facebook. Here’s what you need to know about it.


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Learn with Facebook Offerings and Partnerships

Learning content on the site is free. And the site offers a mixture of practical advice, expert advice, and flexible learning options. And while some courses and learning materials are geared toward jobseekers or individual workers and not necessarily enterprise-level employees, it’s important to notice that Facebook is working with these partners who offer services to those who could be applying to jobs or vying for promotions at your own organization:

  • Homebase
  • JazzHR
  • Glassdoor

Whom Does It Benefit the Most?

Learn with Facebook benefits small businesses and more autonomous employees the most. There are multiple lessons on digital marketing and how to “excel at work.” So, if your business needs to teach its marketing team updated digital skills, it could prove to be a very valuable and cost-effective resource.

And HR professionals working at your organization could also use the site to determine what experts deem important in the modern recruitment and hiring processes so they know what practices to utilize and so they can access valuable research, case studies, and white papers, too.

In addition, Learn with Facebook offers bite-size content, so it will benefit many learners who prefer microlearning or mobile learning. And it also focuses on both hard and soft skills, so in that sense, it can prove to be fairly comprehensive within the right learning contexts.

What Are Its Limitations?

Learn with Facebook doesn’t currently offer many online lessons and doesn’t have varied content, so it won’t prove very valuable for more advanced learning and development needs. Right now, the site only seems to offer learning materials for jobseekers and digital marketing.

So, it will need to include more learning lessons for different professions and industries if it’s to ever be useful for larger organizations or enterprises. However, if your organization is in the recruiting space, it could still benefit greatly from its resources and partnerships.

Additionally, because Learn with Facebook is free, there is no guarantee that its courses and learning materials will remain updated and high-quality or that Facebook will want to invest more heavily in its resources in the future.

Overall, Learn with Facebook still isn’t that old, so there is a possibility that its offerings and services will be expanded. However, it does seem that it will continue to cater more to individual users and learners seeking jobs, as well as those working in digital marketing. And it will most likely not appeal to larger companies, unless those companies form direct partnerships with Facebook to develop and design learning content.