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Tips for Hosting Learning Labs in the Workplace

Yesterday’s post covered the benefits of hosting a learning lab in the workplace, as well as a few critical elements that it should have. Below are some tips for hosting a successful learning lab at your own organization.


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Tips for Hosting a Successful Workplace Learning Lab

Rely on automation and top-notch technology. With automated tools and platforms, you’ll always be able to curate and offer the best and most recent learning materials to your employees on any subject. This will make your learning lab the “go-to” spot for workplace learning and development instead of Google or YouTube.

You’ll also be able to instantly personalize employees’ learning experiences and recommend workshops and supplemental courses and exercises that will help them with their learning goals and current roles at work with advanced and automated technologies. And you’ll be able to offer each employee top-notch virtual training and mobile training experiences and so much more.

Enable mobile-responsive designs. Many of your employees will want to be able to access learning lab materials on the go, so it’s important to make sure you have a variety of learning content and resources available in a mobile-friendly format. Otherwise, learners will stop trying to access your learning lab via online methods, and you’ll see attendance and participation rates at your learning lab decline over time.

Recruit managers and leaders to participate. If you want your learning lab to remain successful, it’s necessary that it’s endorsed and promoted across your organization by executive leadership and that managers actively participate in its programs and offerings. For example, managers can take shifts in the learning lab tutoring employees, or they can lead virtual seminars or information sessions, etc. When leaders across your organization are directly invested in the success of your learning lab, they’ll work hard to encourage employees to participate too.

Always include blended learning components. Successful learning labs require in-person and virtual learning options. Learners should be able to access the resources they need online or in person and should be able to visit a designated physical space at your organization to get a tutor, access resources, study, etc.   

Include access to trainers for tutoring or coaching. Offer tutoring sessions and one-on-one coaching options in your learning lab. This way, employees will be able to get personalized help on a variety of topics and subjects when they need it. You can outsource your tutoring needs, designate managers to volunteer in the learning lab on certain days, or hire designated tutors and industry experts if needed.

Organize learning clubs and groups. Along with online chat groups and forums, organize in-person study groups for employees who are learning the same set of skills or who are covering the same topic. This will greatly enhance their training scores and overall performance in their learning and development programs.

Allow all employees access to all resources. Learning lab resources should be available to any employee regardless of his or her tenure or role with your organization. This is the only way to be sure the employees remain empowered and engaged with their learning and development at your organization and that you continue to inspire a positive learning culture across your organization.

If you want to host a successful and long-lasting learning lab at your organization, follow the tips outlined above.