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How to Implement Mobile Learning Across Your Organization (Part 2)

Expanding on yesterday’s post, here are a few additional things you’ll want to contemplate doing as you implement mobile learning across your organization.


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Use a Learning Management System (LMS) and Authoring Tool that Has a Mobile-Responsive Design

Ensure the learning content inside your LMS can easily be accessed from mobile devices and that the learning content is optimized for mobile devices. After all, what is the point of accessing learning content on a mobile device if you can’t see it or engage with it to learn something?

It will also be a good idea to make sure your LMS has an authoring tool that helps you create or generate learning content that is automatically optimized for mobile devices. And, you’ll want to consider implementing apps for your LMS that have push notifications and easy-to-use and easy-to-access mobile features.

Focus on Your Users’ Perspectives

Instead of designing your learning content to guide your learners’ perspectives, have your learners’ perspectives design your learning content. You’ll want to consider when and where certain buttons, navigational elements, video content, etc., will be helpful to your mobile learners before developing the essence of your learning content—instead of designing the essence of your learning content first and hoping that it will be effective when it’s distributed in a mobile learning course.

If you have an authoring tool inside your LMS that’s designed to generate mobile learning content, this won’t be as challenging as it seems. Basically, the idea is to think of your users’ experience on their mobile device as they’re engaging with your learning content first—or you could end up with mobile learning content that’s difficult to access, view, or engage with on a mobile device.

Implement One Tool, Feature, or Course at a Time

When implementing a brand-new mobile learning strategy or technology across your organization, it’s important to do so in gradual steps. Introduce one app feature at a time, one mobile course at a time, and so on. Otherwise, your employees will push back, be less likely to embrace sudden or drastic changes, or be left confused. And they won’t want to engage as heavily (or at all) with your mobile learning technologies or content in the future.

Focus on the Benefits of Mobile Learning When Promoting Courses and Content

After implementing your mobile learning technologies and designing your mobile learning content and courses, you’ll want to make sure to effectively promote them across your organization. And the best way to do this is to focus on the benefits of each mobile learning course and piece of learning content. Emphasize how it’s more personalized, easier to engage with, less time-consuming, and more fun.

As you implement mobile learning across your organization, keep the tips and information above and in yesterday’s post in mind to ensure it’s successful.