Mobile Learning

Why Managers Should Get Mobile

Managers are often dynamic in their outlook and forward-thinking, but any new investment, in particular, with training systems that may cost much but do not bring in financial revenue, there is a need for proven practicality.

Research is needed to highlight the benefits of having a new system. Mobile training can be a useful addition as a resource and suitable for the busiest of managers who may have to keep up with their professional training or company updates when on the move. Mobile learning can help those within the leadership arena to absorb managerial skills all wrapped up in a flawless learning design, and this can be coupled with practical training goals.

Dedicated leaders do not want glossy training programs that offer little in terms of day-to-day management. Their training must be both meaningful and relative, and it shouldn’t just aid their personal development but be of benefit to the business, too. All managers will carry company phones, so mobile learning is a great opportunity to ensure specifically created scenarios will resonate with them and keep them fully engaged throughout. This is tailor-made training, which takes learning to a new level.

Care should be taken not to utilize information that may be sensitive or subject to data protection issues, but situations or events that occur throughout the business can be added to the mobile training resource in storyteller form. This could be in the form of complaints received or a difficult situation that unfolded. Managers want to understand these relevant issues that create a distinctive learning curve, and this can be then wrapped up in pocket-sized training and reviewed on mobile. This has a twofold benefit in that management can be kept up to date with the types of scenarios that occur on a day-to-day basis while also being able to absorb changes that have been made, perhaps new processes, and this increases their ability to remain connected to the business even when not in the office.

Cloud-hosted learning management systems (LMSs) enable an efficient copying of any online training courses that are already available within the organization, and this enables the quick customization of important training material so that relevant departments can be represented more easily. It is a proven fact that learners will naturally feel far more engaged if they associate training and development with real case scenarios. LMSs also enable diversity.

The visual effect of any storytelling process via mobile is all-important, and aesthetics should not be ignored. Gamification can also be utilized where a clear objective for any game is outlined, group training can be added, and rewards can be gained at the end. Mobile learning can be utilized for all employees but, in particular, the senior management team, as it can be an efficient way to keep up to date while utilizing a device that is carried with them at all times.