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Games in Training—5 Advantages

Gamification is a big trend in training and business in general, but it’s not a perfect training solution. What are some of the advantages of using games in training, and what disadvantages should trainers be wary of?

By themselves, training games do not provide comprehensive training and should not be used as substitutes for more formal instruction. However, they can be an effective tool to supplement formal training.

Games can, for example:

  1. Help trainers maintain learners’ interest and involvement.
  2. Help participants understand and retain key information.
  3. Support different learning styles.
  4. Provide immediate feedback to both participants and trainers.
  5. Make training more enjoyable—and even fun.


When used appropriately, games reinforce your main training message and help keep learners engaged and attentive.

However, when not used appropriately, games can be counterproductive, distracting from your message, and undermining your efforts to have learners take the training topic seriously. Know your trainees and know where to draw the line.