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New Developments in Software—Performance Management and Onboarding

Yesterday’s Advisor presented new software programs that attempt to eliminate employee lawsuits. Today, we examine groundbreaking software developments that streamline onboarding and performance management processes.

BambooHR, well known for its HR management software, has added two major components for performance appraisal and orientation, CEO Ben Peterson announced at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exposition, held recently in Las Vegas.

Self-Onboarding Software

BambooHR’s employee self-onboarding provides a way to get new hires’ personal data and completed forms in the most efficient way. “New hires will experience onboarding that focuses on their success, not the paperwork,” says BambooHR.

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With BambooHR’s employee self-onboarding, businesses can easily and efficiently set up all onboarding tasks within their core human resources information system (HRIS). They need only fill out minimal information to create a new hire packet. The packet is emailed to the new employee’s personal email so new employees can complete their prehire tasks, fill out the “get-to-know-you” form, and electronically sign their onboarding documents—all before their first day on the job.

BambooHR’s employee self-onboarding affects employee time-to-contribution, performance, engagement, and even retention by fueling connections within the company and carefully orchestrating the new hire experience, BambooHR says.

With the extra time self-onboarding offers, you can focus on your new hires by getting to know them better, sharing the company culture, doing on-the-job training, and helping them understand how their unique role fits into your company’s overall success, according to BambooHR.

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Performance Management

Few companies are happy with their current performance appraisal system. “Our new system is clean and easy, so people will use it,” says Peterson.

BambooHR asserts that performance reviews have become a headache for everyone involved. They’re bloated and overly complicated, the company says, making the results difficult to interpret. Appraisals should be about cultivating culture and inspiring employee growth, but sometimes they backfire, reducing employee productivity.

The company’s new performance management solution offers an “easy, meaningful, and motivating solution that focuses on short cycle-times, low barriers, and clear results. It facilitates real conversation by prompting, priming, and providing a process for open, helpful feedback,” says BambooHR.

Features include goal management, self-assessments, manager assessments, and an all-new report that makes it easy to gain insight into what’s happening with your employees, as well as to understand their level of engagement and performance.