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Privacy Training on Electronic Monitoring: A Case Study

When conducting privacy training on electronic monitoring, share the following case study with your employees:

  • In this case, Janice Collins complains to her supervisor Bill Smith that one of her male co-workers, Jerry Bartolli, is viewing pornographic websites on the job.
  • Furthermore, Collins says that Bartolli has been sending sexually explicit e-mails to several female co-workers in the office, but that her co-workers are too embarrassed to complain.
  • Supervisor Smith consults the HR manager about the matter. They review the company’s electronic monitoring policy together and decide that monitoring is clearly warranted in this case.
  • The decision is made to monitor Bartolli’s e-mail and Internet use.

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Has the company made the right decision or is it invading the privacy of this employee?

  • The company is probably safe in its decision to monitor this employee. Using a company computer to view pornographic websites and using e-mail to sexually harass co-workers are inappropriate uses of company systems.
  • Monitoring this employee’s e-mail and Internet use will not present a privacy problem if the company maintains its own e-mail and Internet systems for internal use only.
  • However, if the system is maintained by an outside provider, management should obtain the consent of either the employee, the recipients of the e-mails, or the outside provider in order to avoid violating federal and/or state privacy laws.
  • But employers do not have to wait for a situation to arise before obtaining consent. Employers can obtain consent from employees in advance by having each employee sign a consent form stating that the employee understands that the company may monitor their Internet and e-mail use. Another effective method for obtaining employee consent is to install a feature on the Internet/e-mail system that informs employees that by logging on, they consent to the monitoring.

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