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Variety of Techniques Gives New Spin to Refresher Safety Training

Varying your techniques during refresher training will keep learners engaged. Here are a few suggestions on how to accomplish this:

  • Do a demonstration (e.g., demonstrate the effectiveness of a steel-toed shoe by dropping a weight on it).
  • Incorporate real-life accident or near-miss stories.
  • Have learners pair off and do an activity, such as a joint lift of a heavy object.
  • Bring in slides of different work areas, equipment, and operations related to your topic, and ask learners to identify any hazards they see as the slides click by. This “safety scanning” technique encourages and trains employees to continuously look out for hazards.
  • Send trainees on a workplace scavenger hunt to look for and record as many hazards as they can find.
  • Bring in props that learners can see and touch, such as a damaged tool that is unsafe, a hazardous chemical container that is missing a label, or samples of PPE for inspection.