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Firm Continues to Earn Accolades for Its Commitment to Learning

Late last year, PwC ( received three coveted Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. The firm earned the following bronze awards: Best Custom Content and Best Use of Video for Learning for its “Finding Black and White in Shades of Grey” course, which promotes a respectful work environment, and Best Onboarding Program for its “101: PwC Internship Experience.”

“We believe that building a great culture happens one person at a time,” said Dennis J. Finn, U.S. and global human capital leader, PwC. “Our people are the foundation of our business, so it’s essential that we continue to find new and innovative ways to support their development throughout their careers. Being recognized with three Brandon Hall Excellence Awards is a reflection of the hard work that our team has put into creating world-class learning solutions.”

“It’s quite an honor to receive a Brandon Hall Excellence Award, let alone three in the same year,” said Tom Evans, chief learning officer, PwC. “The recognition of our well-established ‘101: PwC Internship Experience’ program and innovative ‘Finding Black and White in Shades of Grey’ course is terrific validation of our effectiveness in delivering leading-edge learning solutions. It also shows that we’re developing our people in creative and engaging ways in support of our high performance culture.”

The awards are some of the latest in a series of accolades for the firm’s training and development programs. Last year, PwC was ranked No. 1 on Training magazine’s Training Top 125 list for an unprecedented third year. More recently, the firm was honored with a Learning in Practice Award from Chief Learning Officer magazine.

This year, PwC ranked No. 48 overall on Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list—up from No. 73 overall in 2011. Employee development opportunities were among the areas for which the firm was recognized.

“We’re truly proud and humbled not only to be on the list, but also to have made such progress,” said Bob Moritz, PwC U.S. chairman and senior partner. “PwC made some significant changes this past year with the thinking that when people are provided with opportunities to grow professionally and personally, and are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments, they do great things. 

“We’re glad these changes made a difference for our people, but we know our work is not done yet. We will continue to explore new ways to enhance the experience our people have as they grow their careers at PwC.”

One of last year’s enhancements was a new Senior Associate Leadership Development Experience, which provides senior associates with opportunities “to develop personal leadership skills, strengthen professional networks, and focus on their vision of a future that allows them to also achieve both professional and personal goals,” the firm reports.

In addition to developing its internal employees, PwC offers a variety of programs that invest in the future workforce. The firm’s “Students Today. Leaders Tomorrow.” program helps Cleveland, Ohio, high school students build leadership skills. 

PwC’s “Project Belize” is an initiative that builds on a 3-year relationship with schools in Belize City, Belize, and focuses on youth financial literacy, a mentoring program for current and former students, financial and technology training for teachers, and building playgrounds to reinforce core subject areas, social skills, and leadership.