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The HR Professional as an Experience Designer

As Courtney Branson writes for HR Daily Advisor, the role of HR is undergoing a transformation. That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to those serving in HR roles—it’s a profession that has been impacted significantly over the past few years by technology, as well as the economy and other forces.


The Importance of ‘Openness’ for Speakers

Let’s face it, public speaking doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Even for those for who are regarded as proficient public speakers, it often took a lot of hard work and practice to get to that point. There are a lot of factors that go into making someone an effective and successful public speaker: […]


Companies’ Reduction in Employee Flexibility Is Misplaced

Companies vary greatly in their willingness to allow employees flexibility in their work, as well as in how that flexibility manifests itself—from working from home all the time, with unlimited paid time off (PTO), to flex work and the ability to work from home on certain days or on a certain number of days per […]


Freelancer Shares Her Experience in Different Work Spaces

An increasingly competitive job market for employers and improvements in telecommunications technology have meant that working remotely has become an increasingly available and technologically feasible option for employers and employees.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Classroom Training

Although technology-based training is becoming increasingly popular, training experts agree that it will never completely replace classroom training. At present, an overwhelming number of companies continue to use classroom training alongside an increasing amount of technology-based training, such as e-learning and computer-based training. Today, there is an array of techniques, methods, activities, and training aids […]

8 Steps to Conflict Resolution

Now that we’ve established how managing conflict is critical to the overall success of your business, today’s Advisor provides you with a simple eight-step conflict resolution process that you can train your employees to use for resolving any type of workplace conflict.

Do Your Employees Need Ethics Training?

Certainly, supervisors and managers need to understand your company’s ethics policy and the importance of enforcing it. Train them on your policy, as well as the need to observe the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in the workplace.