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HR Comply/Workforce L&D Keynote Talks Engagement and Company Culture

Yesterday’s post featured Patty McCord, the architect of that culture and the creator of the Netflix Culture Deck—a popular resource that has over 20 million views—who recently sat down with the HR Works podcast to discuss company culture and leadership.


Employees Who Witness Rule Breaking More Likely to Leave

Rules can be frustrating, especially when they’re perceived as creating barriers to getting work done or hindering workplace effectiveness. Most, however, would agree that we need rules in our everyday lives to maintain a certain level of order and civility.


Alternative Employee Assessment Methods

In a previous post, we discussed some of the challenges inherent in traditional methods of employee assessment, specifically the fact that review of résumés and in-person interviews tend to focus too much on the objective skills of the employee rather than the subjective needs of the organization.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Classroom Training

Although technology-based training is becoming increasingly popular, training experts agree that it will never completely replace classroom training. At present, an overwhelming number of companies continue to use classroom training alongside an increasing amount of technology-based training, such as e-learning and computer-based training. Today, there is an array of techniques, methods, activities, and training aids […]


8 Steps to Conflict Resolution

Now that we’ve established how managing conflict is critical to the overall success of your business, today’s Advisor provides you with a simple eight-step conflict resolution process that you can train your employees to use for resolving any type of workplace conflict.

Do Your Employees Need Ethics Training?

Certainly, supervisors and managers need to understand your company’s ethics policy and the importance of enforcing it. Train them on your policy, as well as the need to observe the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in the workplace.