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HR training must cover a lot. From training new employees to experienced managers, you have your work cut out for you. But with articles covering team building, FMLA, FLSA, job descriptions, hiring, and more, we’ll help you stay on top of the latest in training and compliance.

Is Your Staff Ready to Receive Coaching? Two Final Steps

In yesterday’s Advisor, Dr. Robert P. Hewes shared his four steps to ensuring your staff is ready to receive coaching, elaborating in detail on the first two. Today, Hewes provides an in-depth look at the final two steps in the process.


4 Steps to Get Your Staff Ready for Coaching

A coaching program is just like any other initiative—you can’t just jump in feet first without preparing your staff beforehand. To get your staff ready for coaching, here are four key steps from Dr. Robert P. Hewes, who is senior partner at Camden Consulting Group, a provider of integrated talent management solutions for organizational and […]


Don’t Do These Things to Employees on Vacation

School is almost over and that means pretty soon your employees will start taking their vacations. However, American’s are taking less vacation than ever. Various reports—released by Project Time Off—indicate that 40% of workers allow paid vacation days to go unused, often the result of employers subtly (or not so subtly) condemning time off and […]


Do You Know about Presenteeism?

The concept of presenteeism is when employees are at work, but they are not as productive as they could be because they’re not feeling well. However, they’re not feeling sick enough to take a day off or they don’t have days off to take.


Avoid These Common Workplace Investigation Mistakes

When it comes to workplace investigations, the whole process can be exhausting and time consuming. Nevertheless, diligence and thoroughness are still required during these investigations, to avoid costly mistakes and more problems down the road.


Supervisor Training Case Study: Cake Theft

It’s not every day that you hear about a case that literally hinges on whether a cake was stolen. But that was the issue at the center of a recent case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. The court had to decide whether a grocery store had a legitimate, nondiscriminatory reason […]


Training for Hiring Managers: Be Realistic During Recruiting Process

It’s only natural to highlight the organization’s strengths, internal growth opportunities, and positive work environment while wooing job candidates. However, exaggerating the positive can create unrealistic expectations. Turnover will result once new hires figure out that they were promised more than the organization can deliver.


Painting the People Picture

By Andy Lothian, Chief Executive Officer, Insights Learning and Development As HR leaders know all too well, you won’t find a résumé outlining a job candidate’s biggest achievements as “successfully working with people with wildly different personalities than their own” or “navigating difficult professional situations with strength and grace.” The working world just isn’t set […]


How to Combat Drug or Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace is obviously a serious concern, and a recent report describes how drug use in the workforce is on the rise. Not only could the employee be putting him- or herself at a health risk, he or she may also be putting other employees at a safety risk. And, […]