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Quick Tip: 5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Training

There is a myriad of training techniques available. With so many options, some trainers struggle when deciding which techniques to use, when to use them, and what combination would be most effective to help employees learn and retain information. We’ve compiled 5 simple questions that can help make the choice easier.

From classroom-based training to hands-on learning to e-learning, your decision will depend on a variety of factors, including what you are trying to accomplish and how tight your training budget is.

Here are five general questions to consider when selecting which training techniques to use in each training session:

  1. What are your training goals for this session (e.g., teaching new skills, providing new techniques for old skills, fostering better workplace behavior, creating a safer workplace, or promoting a fair and equal workplace free of discrimination and harassment)?
  2. Who is being trained (e.g., new employees, seasoned employees, or upper management)?
  3. What is your training budget?
  4. How much time has been allocated for training within your organization?
  5. What training resources and materials do you have at your disposal?