Customer Service

Don’t Be Pushy! More Sales Training Tips

By Maura Schreier-Fleming

In yesterday’s Advisor, sales consultant Maura Schreier-Fleming reviewed four common sales mistakes and how to use proper training to avoid them. Today Schreier-Fleming discusses three more preventable sales mistakes.

5. They Are Too Pushy

Some salespeople are clueless in the way they engage their prospects and customers. They don’t realize how pushy they come across. Yes, persuasion is part of the sales process. Aggressive behavior that offends is not. When sales people are too aggressive, they can actually offend their prospects, and they don’t turn them into long-term customers. They don’t get word of mouth that’s positive.

Successful salespeople understand persuasion and how to strategically build rapport. They believe that their products and services make a prospect’s business better. They are able to communicate that value without having to resort to strong-arm tactics.

6. Their Timing Is Off

Poor salespeople miss sales. They start their sales process too late to be considered, or even worse they start selling after the purchase has already been made. Part of selling is to understand how your prospects buy. It’s your job to determine when prospects might be ready to buy from you and be sure you are being considered as a supplier.

The best salespeople are either the only ones being considered or are the most preferred by prospects. They work with prospects to understand why their products are the better choice for prospects. They’ve done the work to be the preferred supplier.

7. Their Attitude Is Self-Defeating

Selling is one of the toughest jobs in business. It’s unpredictable. It’s frustrating. It’s disappointing. Why would anyone want to sell? When you win a tough sale, the feeling of achievement is exhilarating. Poor salespeople don’t know how to maintain emotional balance in defeat. They forget to celebrate their wins.

Continuous learning is part of selling. Just be sure to learn from successful salespeople. They are the best ones to teach you what to do.