Workplace Safety

Go for the Gold with Industrial Athletes

The 2016 Olympics kick off August 5!

To celebrate the global event, here’s a popular story about how to leverage athleticism in the workplace.

What is an “industrial athlete”?

The concept is that employees, like athletes, perform better when they are properly trained and fit for duty. Proponents say that the right training leads to fewer injuries, quicker return to work, and reduced costs.

Says Jim Thornton, president of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), “With the ever increasing demand on output and return on investment in today’s workplace, employees in the occupational setting remain at risk of acute and overuse on-the-job injuries.” The expertise of athletic trainers in musculoskeletal injuries makes them a strategic choice for an occupational safety and health team.

What do the stats say?

The NATA cites Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics indicating that 40 percent of total work-related injuries and illnesses are strains and tears, and an additional 29 percent are related to musculoskeletal disorders. Overall, work-related musculoskeletal injuries cost employers $20 billion a year.

A NATA study found that businesses that used on-site athletic trainers experienced a drop in lost workdays and reduced costs associated with emergency room visits and other expenses.

Case Studies

For more insight into how to implement at your workplace, check out these athletic trainer success stories.