A Healthy Workplace Is a Happy Workplace

By Dan Colgan

In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Dan Colgan shared a few ideas on taking a holistic approach to wellness and a few programs that can help. Today we present more from Colgan on events that can help boost the health (literally) of your company.

Participate in Teambuilding Events

Corporate teambuilding events are great for promoting both physical and mental wellness for employees. Most of these events can be tailored to suit each individual company and their goals—which means you can create a fitness-focused event that can get your team outside and moving in a fun way, but you’ll also learn some new skills along the way. Teambuilding events for companies foster closer relationships between employees, and they give all workers an opportunity to relax and destress outside the office.

The skills employees learn during teambuilding events can easily be translated into a 9-to-5 environment. Many companies who utilize these activities report benefitting from increased productivity, better attitudes, and higher levels of performance in the workplace. What employer doesn’t want that?

Form Company Sports Teams

Your employers have long since left behind the world of little league and recreational sports, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still enjoy kicking a ball or shooting hoops. Many cities have opportunities for people to join adult sports leagues for everything from tennis to kickball and ultimate Frisbee®. Getting out and having fun on a field after work is a great form of stress relief.

These events will also promote better employee bonding and overall health. They create fun opportunities for regular exercise, which boosts moods and performance levels at the office. Healthy employees aren’t sick as often, which means fewer days off. And with fewer days off, you can enjoy greater productivity and everything that comes with it (room to take on new projects and new business, increased profitability, higher levels of competitiveness in the market, etc.).

Enjoy a Happier Workplace

Healthy employees are happy employees. And health can come in all shapes and sizes—access to a water cooler, healthy snacks, standing desk stations, and even a company “go get a flu shot” day are all small, easy steps offices can take to promote wellness among employees. Those looking to make a larger mark can offer teambuilding activities, accountability groups, and company sports teams.

There’s no limit to the programs a company can provide for its employees. Send out a survey to get an idea of the types of things employees would be interested in, and offer some incentives to increase participation.

You can even appoint a “wellness team” at the office—a dedicated group of coworkers who feel passionately about company wellness and are excited to come up with ways to promote healthy choices throughout the office.

No matter what you decide to offer your employees, don’t restrict yourself. If one program doesn’t go over well, scrap it and try something new! A commitment to health and wellness is an evolving process.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and adjust as you go, and before you know it, your employees will be enjoying healthier lifestyles and thanking you with better attitudes, higher work performance, and increased productivity. And that’s what anyone would call a win-win situation.